Saturday, March 14, 2015

Megumi Japanese Restaurant with its Epic Gyu Don @ Sunset Way [Clementi Block 106]

On instagram, i have shared my numerous visits to Megumi Japanese restaurant and often linked them to my blog post at its Siglap branch

It's time to have an official posting for the gyu don at its Sunset Way sibling as more often than not, there is a much higher likelihood you would find me there, given its proximity to my workplace.

Within the foodie neighbourhood we known affectionately as Sunset Way, Megumi used to be housed in a different unit and although this new location is more convenient (just next to the multi-storey carpark), i could not help noticing there were hardly any customers whenever i visit. 

Anyway, the traditional way of ordering has given way to electronic devices; while the contradiction is heavy, i am often more frustrated with an over extensive menu, glitchy software and slow system processing. 

The steamed egg custard is a must-order in Japanese restaurants whenever Alex is present. The version here was scalding hot and you might want to wait for a few minutes before enjoying it. Pretty standard tasting but adding speckles of citrus bits on top was a bad decision in my opinion.

Megumi Maki
Totally loving the freshness of the makis here; the texture, the flavour etc was totally in line with the conditions of a good tasting maki. Alex didn't quite like chewing through the harder sesame seeds though.

California Maki
Finding the Megumi Maki not up to his standard (and that he could not remember which was his usual maki), Alex made a second order for the California Maki. It was as yummy as the Megumi and was more manageable for the picky asshole. However, i think his usual order is the UFO Maki! Ha! 

Gyu Don
The main draw for me to visit Megumi, this has never failed to meet my expectations although i am aware the price has increased with a noticeably smaller portion. :( 

I shall not repeat what i have already mentioned here. Anyone has any recommendation for a really, really good gyu don in Singapore?! Feel free to share so that i can do a comparison with the absolutely delicious gyu don at Megumi! 


Block 106, Clementi Street 12,
#01-64, Sunset Way

As above

Opening Hours (Daily)
11.30am - 2.30pm
6.00pm - 10.30pm.

Call 6779-1411

Chawanmushi - S$4.00
Megumi Maki - S$12.00
California Maki - S$10.00
Gyu Don - S$14.80
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

Additional Information
Sashimi lovers would be pleased to note that some of items are air flown from Japan; prices are obviously expected to be higher. Heng i am not obsessed with sashimi!

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