Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Buffet Lunch @ Adaaran Club Rannalhi [Maldives]

This shall be the start of my exclusive resort visit to Adaaran Club Rannalhi in Maldives; start not as in chronological order as i simply have too many pictures and i guess i would begin with the segment that has lesser photos! 

Buffet lunch at the resort's main restaurant - note, i shall not be sharing the cost as it was tied to the entrance fee that we paid for as non-resident guests. 

Another note: don't expect to dine in air conditioning when you are at exclusive beach resorts, unless it is room service. Put it this way, who the hell wears a suit and tie to a beach?!

I digress. Out of the few days i was in Maldives, the food at Adaaran Club Rannalhi was easily the best given its wide variety and generally better than expected food. 

Aside from the popular Western cuisine, the selection included local Maldivian favorites and even Indian food from its neighbours. 

My favourite section; desserts! Sadly, i was rather disappointed with the choices; the texture wasn't too dense for my liking and the taste was skewed more towards the sourness whereas i am a 'sweet' kind of man. 

Shall let the pictures do the talking instead as i didn't actively write down my review on my iPad. 

Second helping for the stir fried french beans and carrots which means i really like what i put into my mouth! I would have gone for a third serving if not for the pity i felt towards those dishes i have yet to try.

Loving the fruit cocktail which consisted of papayas, pineapples, watermelons and guava! You may choose to add in an extra passionfruit if you prefer to have a sourer tasting cocktail.

We eat bread with jam; here, it was crackers with jam. I would have preferred the former as the latter version was a bit too overwhelming for my liking; the jam was far too sweet! Hm.... maybe because i added too much! 


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