Thursday, March 05, 2015

Find Out the Location of Those Photos Taken from iPhone / Cameras with GPS Capability via Photo GPS Extract!

One of the technologies that i find most amazing is the Global Positioning System (GPS) and i had my first touch using an early generation iPhone that gave me a global view of where i had been with the pictures i took. 

The problem lies with limited space on my phone which means the picture files would eventually be transferred to my desktop computer. And that's it; the GPS is rendered almost useless even though coordinates are still within the file properties.

This is when you need Photo GPS Extract!

Download the software, install it and you can find the exact location of the picture at a click of a button via your mouse right click button. Send to the software and....

Voila, here's Banana Reef in Maldives! 

Now, i think i would be able to find the Lion Tomb in Chua Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery. I have been trying to find the sad looking cat without any success!  


Download the Software
(only for Windows)

Your device would need to have the GPS feature to lock in the coordinates. Aside from iPhone, some camera models have that capability, one of which is the waterproof Olympus TG-3!

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