Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day Three; A Different Seafood Platter - Maldives Trip 2015

I am finally halfway through the itinerary and except for the fourth day, the rest should be rather straightforward; so please bear with me as i need to complete the entire travelogue before 9 April!

Day Three - excitement abounds as we would be stepping onto the exclusive island resorts that almost everyone comes to Maldives for. Since it would be a day trip, preparation would be essential. Towel (ticked), extra clothing (ticked), easybreath snorkeling masks (ticked), bread for the fishes (ticked) etc. 

Waiting patiently outside iCom office where there were a few excursions that day to various places; be it exclusive island resorts visits, snorkeling sites or dolphin watching. 

Spotted this spider on the ground; should have caught one for a friend whom i remember used to be crazy when it comes to arachnid research.

Making use of the awesome microscopic function on the Olympus Tough series camera (TG-3) to capture this shot! 

Iconic yet empty yellow building next to the jetty. 

Setting off for Adaaran Club Rannalhi island resort at close to 9am. Facing a humongous amount of photographs taken in the resort, i think it would be more beneficial for you to click HERE for the separate posting. 

The above would be what you can expect at the resort

On the way back to the local Maafushi Island; there was something weird about the above islet. It didn't appear to have a beach resort yet there was a jetty and sections that were set aside for beach-goers.

It gets weirder when i checked out the satellite map given the GPS coordinates; no island was reflected in the near vicinity! Either the GPS was faulty or the map was wrong. 

Caught the sunset along the way; the setting sun in Singapore was quite a pretty sight in the past few days, especially with the haze condition that took a turn for the worse yesterday. 

Anyway, we managed to get back to Maafushi Island by 5.30pm. 

Maldives is 3 hours behind Singapore and although the mind was telling me it was 8.30pm in Singapore, the day was in reality still young and i guess there's no better time but to explore the local island where things cost a fraction compared to exclusive island resorts. 

Dinner was at Rehendhi restaurant. I was already feeling feverish at that time.

However, the stomach could not do without me and we thought it would be nice to have dinner by the sea with just a tea light illuminating our meals. 

Furthermore, given my love for seafood platter from Fish and Co, i was extremely keen to try the Maldivian version of the same name (cost: around S$25).

Jaw dropped - yes, this IS the seafood platter. Portions were significantly lesser from Singapore's authentic version; the meaning of jumbo prawns as stated on the menu could have been interpreted wrongly. 

In all, it felt more like a nicely displayed Singapore's chap chye png (economy rice)! The cuttlefish was quite good and i quite enjoyed the slightly spiced grilled reef fish; Alex was more disappointed with it though, especially with price tag attached to this seafood platter. 

We proceeded to iCom again to book the package for the next day. After much consideration, we opted for another exclusive island day trip! 

I should have taken a rest right after i got back into the hotel room. Couldn't because i had to keep filling this wastebasket with hot water. Reason? Someone's shit had clogged the toilet bowl and that someone was already in dreamland!!! 

p.s. those who wish to take a better look at the toilet bowl can message me and i would gladly pass you the picture. Note: any nausea or disgust arising from seeing the picture would not be my responsibility

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