Sunday, March 22, 2015

Buffet Lunch - Part of US$56 Day Trip @ Rihiveli Beach Resort [Maldives]

When i stepped on to the grounds of Rihiveli Beach Resort, i was almost regretting my choice; there was a lack of activity and the entire ground seemed, to put it bluntly, boring.

Hence, my expectation wasn't great when it comes to the buffet lunch as part of my US$56 day trip (not including transport) to this exclusive island. 

Setting was laid back and it didn't take one long enough to deduce that staying in this resort was more for relaxing, rather than piping tons of activities to make full use of your limited time in Maldives. 

Just the sight of this amazing view right by the restaurant was sufficiently therapeutic to a beaten soul. There was even a small cluster of corals, teeming with colourful fishes, to liven up the peaceful atmosphere. 

Being the first customer has its perks; we managed to get premium seating overlooking the shallow sea! 

With just 48 bungalows (versus Adaaran's 96 standard rooms and 34 water bungalows), the buffet selection in Rihiveli was significantly lesser although you still get the standard salad, mains, desserts and bread.

In all, it was an alright lunch with no particular dish that i had an affection towards. Please take my review with a pinch of salt as i was already feeling very unwell that day. 

There was, however, an item that i will advise everyone to stay away from; the spicy and sour and cold pineapple and ginger soup! You may take it if you are feeling sleepy though; it clearly jolted all my senses! 


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Additional Information
Plain water would be served free but if you prefer to have other kinds of beverage, you may take into consideration the appended menu above.

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