Monday, March 30, 2015

Day Four of the Maldives Trip; The Foul Luck Continues

This would be a very short entry since a big portion of the day was spent at Rihiveli Beach Resort, yet again an arena of exclusivity with not one but three small isles! 

Boarded the speedboat at about 9.00 am even though i wasn't in my best form. The body continued to feel hot and i sure hoped the sun could provide a natural cure to my ailment. Apparently not. 

For my review on Rihiveli Maldives Resort, click here. In a nutshell, it was the place to take postcard-quality pictures but it ranked low on my favourite beach activity; snorkeling. My mood was also kinda dampened by the surprise water seepage of my new underwater camera! 

Nevertheless, it ended quite charmingly with a spectacular sunset.

I always think that sunset and sunrise shouldn't differ much whichever country you are in; it's the same sun anyway! Maybe it is the vacation mood that makes people view things from a different perspective. We do have beautiful sunset and sunrise in Singapore; it's just a matter of time, season and luck. 

Dinnertime with two Singaporean gals! Went for the US$10 buffet again although this time, it was at White Shell Inn which was coincidentally next to Arena Beach Hotel.

You can move the tables and chairs around to suite your preferences and we chose to have them super nearer to the water where we can enjoy the strong sea breeze and the therapeutic pounding of the Maldivian waves. 

Main serving table for the buffet which was shaped like a boat. Don't be deceived by the length of it; there were plenty to eat and i enjoyed the food much more than Arena.

If you are the type who goes for variety, maybe Arena would serve you better. Desserts, for one, were not as extensive and i didn't manage to try much as i was feeling colder by the second! 

BBQ was a mainstay for buffets; once again, i would very much prefer our Singapore style BBQ which was way more flavourful. Think aromatic satay, sambal stingray, spicy sotong! 

You don't normally see me with a jacket but this would be the rare occasion when i could feel the chill everywhere and it's not related to a paranormal experience. Well, it didn't stop me from cleaning up three servings of the incredibly tasting tuna spaghetti; definitely the best food i had in Maldives

Took a nap and woke up again to meet up with the two ladies to the beachfront where we might be lucky to catch the glowing plankton! As the subject title suggests, i just didn't have the luck to see a whole stretch of bioluminescent phytoplankton. There were just speckles of them. :(

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