Friday, March 20, 2015

Hilltop Building - i DARE you to go up at night @ Saint John's Island [Singapore]

I am known to be adventurous and somewhat of a risk taker when it comes to attempting physical challenges; this is my true self even though there are friends who could not understand.

They would look at the above with alarm bells ringing in their brain that deterred them from moving forward. Not me, i am stubborn and most importantly, curiousity is my second name.

I walked up the steps that appeared to have been left untouched for ages. By the way, i am not reckless; if no one is willing to accompany me, i would likely give it a miss. In my opinion, having someone tagging along is necessary in case anything happens. For example, to be bitten by Cavin's nemesis; a snake.

A sizable tree trunk forbade me from venturing along the same route. Is that a sign from the spirits of Saint John's Island? Oh well, next to it was a clearing where i can easily walk up a slope to the hilltop.

This was it; my destination!

Initially, i thought it was a fenced up school for the islanders in the past but on closer look, it could have been an office building; strange that it was built in such a secluded and inaccessible area.

MediaCorp would benefit by using it as a setting for a drama /variety show touching on the paranormal! Frankly, with a ton of local ghost stories, i am surprised such a show has yet to take off in Singapore! 

From the look of the pretty new air conditioner compressors and the existence of clothing in one room, the building could have a few residents although the rusty lock of the gate, the uncleared dead leaves on pathways seemed to suggest otherwise. 

The main staircase was indeed blocked and i was wondering if there could be another access point to the building! Luck is sometimes on my side when it comes to such exploration.

Was just about to check out the perimeter of the building when i saw the two bloody assholes going back to the main, human infested area. Darn, there's a limit to the extent of accommodating my daring curiousity! 

Hey, at least i am not visiting at night! 


Saint John's Island.
Refer to map as above.

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