Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Sand Bank Lunch @ Maldives [Part of Excursion Package]

"Sign us up!" - Such was the thrill and excitement when we eventually opted to sign up for a package with Kaani Beach Hotel that included three snorkeling sites and lunch at a sand bank!

As the speedboat neared the destined sand bank, i had to forsake the darn blue plastic bag in front of me (severe seasickness) and looked up so that i can at least marvel at its beauty from afar. 

Wasn't disappointed of course!

Finally had my feet on solid ground after two hours spent in the choppy water and the rocking boat. I mentioned before that having a life jacket is the best way to experience snorkeling; i am not so sure about that statement anymore. 

Honestly, Maldives had sand banks located in numerous pockets all over the sea / ocean under its jurisdiction and in the few excursions we signed up for, we had a 100% chance of bypassing at least one!

Clear, turquoise water doesn't appeal to me after a while as there could only be so much time you can waste on looking at it yet there would not be any coral for you to check out. Good for those who don't swim.

Felt kind of guilty throwing the vomit-filled bag into the unpolluted water! I did ask for a dustbin (as if there would be one); the boatman just stared at me as if i am stupid and said "dump it in the water".

Two opposing waves; the truth about sandbank is that some don't exist permanently and could appear at low tides. At high tides, even a tiny island of this size could get even smaller. 

Beach goers enjoying the sun, the sea and the wind. 

I wasn't keen to sit on the sand but we didn't bring an extra towel! Guess we were one of the few weirdos who ate our lunch standing up and were totally not into relaxing. C'mon, if i want to relax, a bed with full blast air-conditioning would be the way. 

Speaking of lunch - this was unacceptable; two slices of bread with tasteless tuna spread, lukewarm salad, a portion of soggy fries and a bottle of soft drink!

Alex enjoyed it and even cleaned up the half portion i left untouched! Note: this bugger is famed within the gang of four for his weird interpretation of tasty food. 

Apparently, we were not the only one who got bored lazing around.

Drawing on the sand for the sake of taking artsy fartsy shots likely for instagram / facebook. Those who know me well would be aware i can't be bothered with such things. 

Alex attempted and failed miserably with his terrible handwriting! 

Making do with this picture instead. Gosh, did i just mention not too long ago that i can't be bothered with artsy fartsy shots? Oh well, i would do it when i have ample time on my hands! 

Found a unique seashell on the beach! Oh, Olympus TG3 has a microscope mode that allows really clear shot at just one centimeter away! 

The classic jump in the air by Alex. Elderly me would likely break a bone or two if i ever try it. 

Bored enough to be playing with wet sand and laughing hilariously at its similarity to an extremely bad bout of diarrhea. I know, sick right?! 

Lunch was close to fifty minutes! Torturing for a man who could not stay stuck in a small islet that would take me less than a minute to run across. 

Those in my group started to pack up; actually the ones in the photo were from another hotel (with similar patterned towels) but i guess seeing them dusting the sand off would be a good indicator that they were leaving, just as we were.

Last ditched effort to take a good, artistic shot!

Boat was ready for boarding!

A passionate lasting kiss by this adorable couple! They were so loving and you can see the pecking and kissing every few minutes!

Adios, sand bank - you are breathtaking in the beginning but i am almost bored to death by the lack of activities! Once is more than enough to experience you.


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