Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wasting the Vacation - Day Five of Maldives Trip

I kid you not; the pack of panadol pills was my best company the entire night. It was obvious i had a nasty fever with cold shudders, blurry eyes and a somewhat unclear mind. 

Poor Alex had to endure the entire night with no air conditioning, a ceiling fan at its lowest speed and a breakfast all alone at Kaani Beach Hotel. By 1.30 pm, i knew a visit to the island's clinic was inevitable and literally dragged myself out of bed.

Despite the lack of strength, i cycled to the local clinic and made a fuss-free registration. Unlike Singapore's polyclinics which were usually filled with patients, the place was quiet and i was next in queue! Everyone must be darn healthy! 

My complaints, the doctor's observations and his prescribed drugs; my fever was close to forty degrees celcius and i knew it was much higher in the early morning when a touch to my neck and forehead felt much hotter.

Medicine dispensed to me was the usual except for the voltaren suppository; something i had to squeeze up my asshole! Trust me, it was a mental challenge putting it in. 

Since i required food in order to take the medication, we popped by the restaurant at Beachwood Hotel. According to a group of Taiwanese tourists we bumped into two nights ago, the food here was said to be pretty good.

One of the few hotels in Maafushi that had a swimming pool. The other being Kaani Village Hotel which was the sibling hotel for Kaani Beach

I was famished although i didn't have the appetite. While waiting for the food to arrive, i noticed cuts on my skin; must be all the snorkeling in the water. 

First up - a basket of soft, warm bread. Definitely a suitable thing to have when one is sick. 

Banana Split was alright; it's rare to find a good banana split i think. I would be better off having sundaes. Whatever the case, don't ask me why i ordered this. The mind wasn't working well that day.

Alex's chicken rice wasn't the chicken rice Singaporeans are accustomed to. Tasted alright and definitely not comparable to the chicken rice we have in Singapore. Not even close.

Pizza looked delicious with thick chunks of meat; taste wise, not my cup of tea. 

Best purchase so far (the bread was free by the way), the watermelon juice was a soothing remedy for the parched throat and brought a trickle of much wanted sweetness. 

Our bill in US$. 

That banana split hardly satisfied me and the simmering heat from cycling back to the hotel under the hot sun encouraged me to buy another ice cream; this time, a Magnum! After popping in the medicine and shoving that suppository up my ass, it's time to take a rest. Alarm was set for 6.30pm as we needed to arrange for transport back to the airport the next day. 

Scrambled like mad to get dressed and asked the hotel's reception if anyone would be sharing with us the cost of the speedboat. I don't think my body can bear the longer journey via the ferry. Popped by iCom as well; rate was cheaper at US$150 but as with Kaani Beach, no one has requested for speedboat back to Male / airport. 

Decided to hold back the purchase until the last moment as it was seriously too much money to spend just to cut down the travelling time! Was going through the souvenirs at Arena (across Kaani Beach) when the young shopkeeper commented i could get speedboat tickets at just US$20 a person! 

Those departing from Maafushi should note the name of the shop; Aachaa! Aside from speedboat tickets, you could also purchase the ferry tickets here. Location wise, it was near to the football field along main street. 

Maybe to make it easier for you to navigate and remember, it's opposite the Hard Rocket Cafe, which had a logo similar to the Hard Rock Cafe we were familiar with. 

At the insides, Aachaa was just a normal supermarket! Who the heck would know it offers more than just instant noodles, bunches of bananas or bottles of chilli sauce?! 

It's really true; speedboat at only US$20 a person! 
Many thanks to the young chap at Arena! 


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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    hi there! where should we purchase the 20$ ticket for speed boat? we are actually leaving on a friday, i know it's a non-working day for maldives on that day.

    1. Hallo! It's mentioned in this post actually; look for the Aachaa supermarket and ask the staff. Alternatively, you can check with the hotel which is likely to be pricier.