Monday, October 17, 2011

Krabi Walking Street (Weekend Night Market) @ Krabi Town (Thailand)

The weekend night market (officially known as walking street) at Krabi Town is one of the main highlights in Krabi, according to my ex girlfriend.

However, this pasar malam is only open on weekends (from Friday to Sunday) and you need to travel half an hour by taxi from Ao Nang. As expected, we purchased two-way taxi tickets from our beloved tour agent; Tarn, at 250 Thai baht for each person.

Instead of boring traffic lights found anywhere else on Earth, you will find cavemen carrying blocks of green, amber and red lights in Krabi Town.

These prehistoric men signify the archaeological discoveries that Krabi was one of the oldest communities in Thailand dating back to the prehistoric period (taken from wikipedia).

Juvenile street performers are common, just like the mother of all Thai markets; chatuchak (jatujak) market in Bangkok.

What's a night market without food? As Krabi is situated in the southern part of Thailand, where the population is predominantly Muslim, you are more likely to find more non-pork products here than in Bangkok.

Oil paintings! There are quite a few art galleries in Ao Nang and i was on the verge of purchasing a three feet by one feet oil painting. Thankfully i was dead tired on my last night in Krabi and could not even manage the energy to walk.

Gaudy looking clothes that would not appeal to most of us.

These hand painted t-shirts featuring animals do appeal to me! When i view all these pictures i took, i could not understand why i was so conservative in my shopping that day!

Plates of crispy, oily prawns. I tried this in Bangkok before and found them to be really tasteless with a guaranteed expulsion of oil in every crunch.

I am really random for the photographs in this post. These attractive accessories are cheaper in Krabi although bargaining is still recommended.

Bouncy castle for children! I have always wanted to try this when i was younger. Now that i am 31, there's no way you will catch me inside. Unless Kon, Alex and Ms Tan accompany me. :P

Most of the times, i can see vendors MAKING those things they are selling. Such craftwork will sadly be replaced by machines as the society advances.

Another example! This lady was meticulously carving a bar of soap that will eventually turn out to be an exquisite soap flower like those in front of her.

Thailand snacks. My brother in law requested for a few bags of shit-looking hardened pork floss but i could not find any despite looking around. Guess it is more of a Bangkok thing.

This ass insisted on taking a picture with the satay boss! At only 5 Thai baht a stick, these pork based meat skewers tasted almost like Singapore pork satay; albeit thicker with a richer seasoning that is more savoury and less sweet.

Women love to buy their bras in Thailand and that's a fact! At least as far as Singapore women are concerned.

Eye-catching watches at 100 Thai baht. Some of the designs are available in Singapore and i remember the price is roughly S$4-5, which is almost comparable to here.

When i first had these in Bangkok, i thought they were plain jelly in cutie, little forms and didn't anticipate the ultra delicious green bean paste filling within! For the benefit of those who have never tried them, they are similar to the ang ku kueh we have in Singapore.

Lady shoes were laid out neatly for compulsive shoe shoppers to take their pick. Pig mother (aka my young sister) is bound to get crazy if she sees boots. 

This dress reminded me of the rainbow cupcakes Kasie baked for me. Frankly, i found the rainbow dress to be really nice... until i looked at that ugly, bottom piece.

Cupcakes that i should have bought, for the sake of trying! Regret.....

T-shirts with the ever touristy tag; i love krabi!

As my understanding of written Thai is zero, i would not know even if the Thai characters say "I am stupid douchebag". Rule of thumb, never buy anything with words you don't understand.

You see it right! Prawns for sale!

Little souvenirs that will make a good choice for Christmas presents. Sighz..... the shopaholic in me was in a super fail mode that day.

Fanciful knives for those with an adventurous streak. Or those who desire to live a rambo life. They are illegal to bring into Singapore, i heard.

These fake guns are definitely barred from entering Singapore!

Hand knitted products. Personally, i find it really comforting to undo knitted stuff. Nothing new, coming from a guy who enjoys mixing chocolate with congee.

Before Rubee passed away, i used to patronise any shops selling dog products. Now, it seems... pointless.

There is only one way to retrieve your money put into these coin banks; break them.

Food again! All the food pictures i attached in this post are only a tiny fraction of what was offered along the walking street.

Guess what these baskets of plastic flowers were originally? The typical 1.5 litres plastic bottles containing our soft drinks! Such nimble hands that i am not blessed to have!

Not interested in this, as usual.

Kids, as young as four years old, were break dancing for extra cash. This group was contesting on the main stage earlier on and seemed to be the most popular among the audience.

Naraya look-a-like spotted!

Floormats with faces of popular cartoon characters! I almost wanted to get one for the house even though the quality is questionable.

Your black and white caricature at only 80 Thai baht in 5 minutes!

Make a guess; who do you think this is? It's that bloody asshole Alex! Doesn't look like him actually.

This night market at Krabi Town is confirmed bigger than the walking street at Ao Nang and my personal opinion is that it is worth a visit.

If you are bored and sweaty from walking, you may consider a cool respite at the Vogue departmental store right next to the main entrance of the walking street.

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