Friday, October 28, 2011

Wanton Noodles (云吞面) @ Carlton Restaurant (嘉登餐室), Joo Chiat (East Coast Road)

Look at the romanised characters on the signboard: Carlton Restaurant obviously. Now, concentrate on the interior and let me know whether this is a typical Singapore-style coffee shop or a restaurant.

Not that i really care since what matters most is the food. Nonetheless, i am always bewildered whenever i see words being played in such ways.

Coming back, i was recommending Kay Lee char siew to my polytechnic mates when one of them mentioned there is this place along East Coast road that serves a pretty mean one as well.

At S$3 a portion, this is a price quite common along this stretch of road Singaporeans known as East Coast and i personally thought it was worth it as the stall was quite generous with the char siew.

Let's begin with the main item that gives wanton noodles its first name; the wanton (dumpling)!

We are so accustomed to seeing pathetically sized wantons, we no longer have any expectation. The ones at Carlton were bigger than the norm and i actually loved the savoury soup! Mom attributed it to mono sodium glutamate (MSG). Thanks mom! =_=

Food lovers who enjoy sweet and flavoursome char siew sauce would adore the noodles which actually tasted normal if not for the very sauce that drenched them.

Verdict on Char Siew? Kay Lee is the winner, without any hesitation. The char siew in Carlton had a fantastic roast but was way too lean and didn't manage to fulfill my taste buds WHO enjoy sloshing against big chunks of juicy, sinful fats.


Nonetheless, i did have a satisfying meal and would direct friends who prefer leaner char siew meat (叉燒肉), to this coffee shop stall at Carlton Restaurant.

237, East Coast Road,
Lorong Stangee Carlton Restaurant

Additional Information
I am not sure what the operating hours are like even though i remember my friends telling me to go before noon. The shutters were closed when i was there on national day at around 3.30pm.

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