Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ao Nang, Krabi (Thailand) - A Needed Vacation!

A relaxing trip out of Singapore was very much craved for, especially this year.

After running through the choices in neighbouring countries, i mercilessly eliminated my favourite shopping destinations and was stuck with a long list of beaches that could hopefully help to alleviate the mental strain.

Krabi was eventually chosen over the rest for the obvious reason; a much cheaper air fare. Valuable feedback from a few friends also suggested that Krabi is preferable.

Uh-Oh - first day and weather was terrible! Rainy and gloomy conditions are definitely not welcome when you expect sky blue weather, pristine water and white, sandy beach.

What i did not expect was a terrain dotted with huge, majestic limestone rocks. These towering structures provide a beautiful backdrop for many pictures and thankfully, remain relatively unspoilt.

Ao Nang (Ao Phra Nang aka Princess Bay), is the gateway for most tourists to nearby islands and the choice area for a wide range of accommodation.

Shopping wise, it is a tourist town and it's common to find shops selling Thailand souvenirs, beachwear, diving/scuba diving kits, fashion accessories etc. Tailors are so plentiful; ao nang is said to have the highest density of them in the whole of Thailand.

Counters tagged with an information logo are not as simple as they seem! It's a facade for travel agents to arrange and sell visitors tour packages.

For those who are worried about food (especially hot, spicy food typical of Thai cuisine), please be assured that in Ao Nang, you are more likely to find western, fusion cuisine than authentic thai food.

My first meal was in fact at Macdonald's (cannot resist not having Pork Samurai burger) while i had only ONE thai meal over my 4 days, 3 nights stay.

This shall not be my only post on Krabi and you will have to wait a while for me to tidy up 1,600 pictures for a few entries on island hopping, seafood dinner, night market, walking street and the amazing snorkeling!

Just a prelude (taken from my iPhone) of what to expect!

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  1. It's funny to see almost teh same comment again after your last comment in another post of mine!

    Guess you are gunning for Surin Beach Hotel. Such antics are really undesirable.

    And no, i would not even be considering surin beach hotel for my phuket trip unless u are perfectly honest about who you are. :)