Saturday, October 01, 2011

Smoked Turkey Leg @ Little Red's Ride - Far Far Away Zone (Universal Studios Singapore)

The first thing that comes to my mind whenever i hear the word turkey is thanksgiving; the delicious image of a big turkey sitting on a dining table, surrounded by dozens of other dishes is not easily forgettable.

Having said that, turkey is not commonly seen in Singapore and although i can vaguely remember taking a bite before, it was not entirely as nice as it appears to be on TV or on photographs.

That's why i wasn't all that keen on trying a supposedly quite famous turkey leg at Universal Studios Singapore. To be precise, it is located within the world of Far Far Away at a food kiosk named Little Red's Ride.

Anyone who is interested in fairy tales will immediately know the owner; Little Red Riding Hood.

At S$10.90 for one leg, it was definitely HUGE! It may sound exaggerated but for a person who has never seen a turkey leg before, this was humongously big!

This kind of skin texture and colour would likely secure the acceptance from daddy, who sees even slightly burnt skin as a major contributor to cancer.

Reddish coloured meat always gave the impression that it has not been fully cooked.

The taste was marginally better than the first time i had turkey even though it is one poultry i would not purposely seek in my meals; turkey meat was just too tough and too dry for me.

It was also too filling!!! Give me that oily deep-fried chicken wing from Star Hup Lee anytime!


Look for this red car structure that houses the food kiosk!

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