Thursday, October 06, 2011

Traditional Chinese Pastries @ Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries (良辰美點), Chinatown, Singapore

In addition to an expanding waistline, another sign of ageing is that i tend to appreciate traditional Chinese food much better than before despite the influx of a wide variety of imported cuisines in Singapore.

There are a few places i can name when it comes to cravings for traditional pastries but the most centralised one has to be Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries (良辰美點) located at Chinatown.

Priced at an affordable S$1 a piece, i would customarily purchase at least S$10 worth of Cantonese pastries for my family each time.

These should be sufficient for the family unless the pig sister manages to find them. This sister of mine is a big eater and could easily finish one pot of steamed sweet potatoes in a single sitting.

Egg Tarts (酥皮蛋挞)
This is one pastry that generates a lot of debate on the best shop that sells them. Add in portuguese egg tarts to the equation and you tend to get even more varied responses.

In terms of traditional Chinese egg tarts, this was one of the better ones with a good balance of sweetness and eggy flavour. The crust might be too thick for some of you although i thought it's the perfect ratio for you to truly appreciate the egg tart.

Chicken Curry Polo Bun 
The very first time i tried a polo bun at Crystal Jade bakery, i fell in love with it and it could easily be one of my favourite Chinese pastries of all times.

Having been accustomed to plain or char siew polo bun, chicken curry is a bit too hard to stomach. The overall taste was too complicated.

Roasted Chicken Pastry 
Strongly recommended for people with savoury taste buds!

Each bite was so fulfilling! If only i could have them fresh and hot from the oven!


18, Sago Street.

To be precise, the shop is located next to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, along this street (right side).


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    no longer there

  2. Anonymous12:04 PM

    the sago st outlet seems to be replaced with a tea shop.

    there are 2 more outlets
    1 next to Tiong Bahru Mrt Exit A
    the other I saw was at Bukit Merah Town Centre

    1. Ya! i heard from their neighbour as well. It's a great pity to lose this traditional bakery right in the centre of Chinatown!

      By the way, thanks for highlighting the new outlets!

  3. Hi cavin, they are selking mooncakes this year. Tried their lotus paste only, its quite good :)

    1. Hi Nizze, it's been a while since i last visited! But i am quite good in baking mooncakes too; and it's much cheaper... haha


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