Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thai Massage at Krabi (Ao Nang) - Blooming Massage and Salon

An hour of bone cracking Thai massage in Singapore would set me back by around S$50 while an hour of the same massage in Thailand would cost me around 250 Thai baht.

S$10 is equivalent to 230 Thai baht and it should not take you long to work out what a bloody good deal you get in Thailand! With that in mind, i always refrain from having any Thai massage in Singapore and choose to wait till my annual Bangkok trip.

I doubt i can afford to go Bangkok this year but Krabi is part of Thailand anyway. However, i didn't expect a tiny town like Ao Nang to have such a high density of massage parlours; approximately one every three shops!

Prices are generally cheaper than Bangkok at 200 Thai Baht and in our case, nothing beats having a relaxing massage while hearing the therapeutic music of waves hitting the sand bed every few seconds!

Besides the prime location, Blooming Massage and Salon adopts an open concept where sea breeze provides natural ventilation. To play safe, standing and wall fans are on hand should the weather becomes unbearably hot!

There's no point in commenting how good (or how bad) the massseurs are as they are not machines and i always believe that everyone has different abilities and every customer has different expectations.

What amazes me particularly at this massage parlour is the portion after the invigorating massage; a bunch of good quality bananas, a cup of hot ginger tea and a bar of sinful chocolate waffle were laid on a table overlooking the grand ocean.

Simple pleasures of life that cost less than S$10.


Right outside Golden Beach Resort.

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