Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tau Suan and Cheng Tng @ Teck Kee Hot & Cold Dessert (德记冷热甜品) - Adam Road Hawker Centre

When a friend exclaimed that the best desserts can be found at Adam Road Food Centre, the dessert monster in me who is always on the lookout for cheap and good hawker fare was determined to try them out!

The chance finally came three weeks later when i persuaded the gang of four to visit the nearby Bukit Brown cemetery before the gahmen exhumes the graves for future development.

This must be the stall; it's hard to miss the glass plastered with accolades from reputable sources.

I decided on tau suan despite the hot, humid weather while the rest placed their bets on cheng tng. It should be nice, judging from the huge pile of brightly coloured sweet potatoes.

The cold dessert was undeniably refreshing for a sweaty man although it didn't give much surprise as many dessert stalls are just as comparable. Bedok corner cheng tng is still the winner in this regard!

Life is dynamic (guess we all know that). And changes in taste are inevitable! When you read my last post on tau suan, my preference then on liking more 'water' contradicts with this bowl of tau suan from Adam Road.

Other than the large, pearly mung beans topped with a generous serving of you tiao, the most obvious difference for me had to be the darker colour of the glue like 'water'.

It is, thankfully, the most comfortable tau suan i ever have; even better than mommy's version.

Consistency was perfect without being too gooey, sweetness was of the right balance and each spoonful was just simply delightful. If you really need me to nitpick, i would rather have freshly fried/toasted crispier you tiao to go with the tau suan.


2, Adam Road
#01-31 (Adam Food Centre)

Cheng Tng - S$1.50
Tau Suan - S$1.20

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