Monday, October 10, 2011

Ao Nang Walking Street @ Krabi, Thailand

The night market at Krabi Town is actually one of the key attractions for Krabi visitors but the 30 minutes journey from Ao Nang usually puts people off the travelling.

Therefore, in order to lock in the lucrative tourist dollars, the best way is to have a somewhat similar set up in Ao Nang itself. Besides being of a much smaller scale, this walking street is open during the daytime from 1pm until 11pm.

Food stalls to satisfy the basic need of humans lined the sides of the entrance. Not much crowd as i went on a Wednesday.

Thailand is well known for their wide array of bite-sized street food and as i have always said, my sensitive stomach has not been affected by any bout of diarrhea for my Thailand vacations.

One stick of BBQ sotong at less than S$0.50?! Not nice as it tasted too natural with bursts of salted seawater.

This was the most popular stall that day with both locals and foreigners surrounding the tables.

A game that looks suspiciously like roulette! To play safe, i had to pull Alex away. Could not risk him losing his money when he still owes me a few hundred.

Steaming hot meatballs should have been the right thing to buy on a rainy day.

Clothing stalls are a common fixture for such markets.

The shopaholic in me was not tempted even though a piece of T-shirt could cost as low as S$4.

What i did regret was not buying the sunglasses! At 50 Thai baht (or roughly S$3) each, it was a steal even if it could not last more than a few days.

Accessories that could attract the feminine. I mentioned feminine as i could see quite a number of lady boys in the area! No offence and definitely no discrimination intended.

Games for the kid in you!

After that tiring experience of bringing back to Singapore a huge soft toy won in Genting Highlands, i was insistent that no game should be attempted! I will prefer the roulette game over this anytime!

Pancakes! The crispy ones to the right were damn nice; thin crust, thick layer of sweet-sour cream and a dash of coconut shreds.

Playthings for the kids. Certain stalls were also selling stuff for the upcoming Halloween, which will no doubt be a big thing in Ao Nang as a sizeable percentage of visitors is in fact Caucasians.

I love deep fried spring rolls and could not resist not buying this at 50 baht for 3.

Freshly fried to ensure they are piping hot, i was a tad disappointed when i popped one into my mouth. Glass noodles were used as filling instead of the more crunchy turnip strips.


The walking street is not amazing but when you are not into clubbing, pubbing or drinking, this might be worth a visit at night.

Look out for this hard-to-miss revolving windmill. 

Or you can use this hard-to-read map.

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