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Koh Hong Island Tour by Speed Boat @ Krabi (Ao Nang), Thailand

While trawling through the numerous blogs on Krabi, it was not hard to notice that the 4-island day package is the most popular. However, one or two recommended another itinerary to Hong Island.

Westerners prefer the Phi Phi Islands, made famous by the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I am not that keen on following some "star" islands and put my money instead with Hong Island!

At 900 Thai baht (roughly S$40) per person during the low peak, monsoon season, we were picked up at around 8.45am from our hotel to the congregation point near the pier.

From my understanding, there are many tour agents but only a few tour operators (Barracudas Tours is one of them).

Between your tour mates, some have paid more than you and others have paid lesser. Bargaining is a MUST although i will stick to one i am most comfortable with, even though it can be slightly more expensive.

The above is the speedboat that will carry around 15 of us. Contrary to reports on carrying over the limit, we did not face any problem here. Speed boats are preferred over traditional longtail boats since they are much faster!

And much more exciting to ride on!

Life jackets are included (necessary by law i believe), as with snorkeling equipment for those who would like to explore the underwater world.

First stop was to nearby Railay Bay to pick up two customers. Ao Railay is a picturesque place cut off from the mainland by huge blocks of limestone and is only accessible by boat. How adventurous!

Hong Island is roughly 30-40 minutes away by speed boat and to kill the boredom, we stopped by a small island known as red island (or daeng island); as evidenced by the reddish coloured rocks.

My very first snorkeling experience!!

Lavinia was correct; life under the sea is indeed another world altogether. Words cannot fully describe that carefree exhilaration i felt.

It's a pity i didn't have an underwater camera. At least, nothing close to an underwater camera then.

Pakbia Island was another outlet for us to relax and for those crazy sunbathers; it's a good spot to get some U.V when the last four days had been hit by rainy weather.

I took the time to snorkel again although i gave it up after a while. It's a relatively bigger island compared to the red island and i might as well make full use of my huge ass camera.

In addition, we were worried about losing our waterproof bag containing our valuables. Unfounded worry as the personnel on board the speed boat will help to take care of your belongings!

After all the 'strenuous' activities, it's time for lunch at Lading Island - an isolated place with pretty run down facilities even though it has a rustic village feel to it.

My simple, balanced yet tasty lunch followed by freshly cut pineapples and juicy watermelon!

Another fun session of snorkeling right after lunch. Fat sea cucumbers were spotted as well as spiky sea urchins! The irregular sea bed was filled with corals and at one point, it was a sudden drop to the open ocean. Cool!

Finally, the magnificent Hong Island.

Two beaches lay side by side but only one is used by beachgoers. The other is used purely as a pier and for safety reasons, no swimming and snorkeling is allowed.

It was a postcard perfect place and it's more than just a white, sandy beach surrounded by limestone formations that are becoming so common in my visit to Krabi.

A baby shark was swimming beside us without any reservation while we were snorkeling and there was a graceful ribbonfish that managed to escape our efforts to catch it! I managed to venture quite far out and the underwater view was just too stunning!

Last destination was just a boat ride (on the speed boat) to Hong Island's lagoon.

This lagoon with only one access point is the place for kayaking but we were then more interested in snorkeling than holding an oar for more manual work.

Delicious buttery chocolate cake was a well received finale on the 30-40 minutes ride back to Ao Nang.

In conclusion, it was an eye opening experience and snorkeling is just too amazing! Alex and I could not get enough of it!

By the way, did i forget to mention that bottles of ice-cold mineral water and insurance are also included in the tour package?


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  1. We are planning to visit Krabi in mid-Dec.
    Thank you for posting.

  2. you are most welcome.
    Enjoy yourself in Krabi! :)

  3. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

    And if you are looking for hotel in phuket for your holiday. Surin Beach Hotel will be the best choice for you too.

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    The island is really breathtaking. Love to see the fishes under the clear sea. I will invite my friends to go here next time. The scenery is relaxing and I really miss boat rides. The last one I had is the whale watching oban tour in Scotland. Love to go to Asia.

    1. come! Southeast Asia is a top destination for island hopping, snorkeling and diving!

  5. I also want to go Krabi with my family, this is such a really nice place.

    1. Check out the various island tours!!!

  6. Hi, Boats to Krabi 4 Island tomorrow, please?

    1. Hallo! As explained via email, this is a personal blog and i am just giving my review. :)


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