Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Best Phad Thai (ผัดไทย) in the World @ Ao Nang, Krabi (Thailand)

My first foray into Thai cuisine started with Pad Thai, a noodles dish that seems to cater specially for people with a sweet tooth. Since then for a long period of time, phad thai was my favourite dish to order in any Thai restaurant.

Although i had my fair share of phad thai in Singapore and Thailand (notably Bangkok), i have never expected myself to give the top award for the best phad thai to a mere street stall in a touristy town at Krabi.

We might not even consider the street option if not for three factors; an appetite enhancing smell that surrounded the stall, a group of foreigners who seemed to relish the food and a menu that clearly stated a damn worth it price of only 40 Thai baht (less than S$2) for a plate of phad thai.

Note the visual difference from a conventional Phad Thai; wetter with a glistening shine and most importantly, the peanuts bits were thoroughly mixed in during frying.

Aesthetically, it is already a winner in my heart. If only your nostrils are able to catch a whiff of that delicious, flavourful aroma. Given my love affair with char kway teow (炒果条), i admit this portion of phad thai tasted similar yet different.

In fact, it was better than the best char kway teow i had! Love the texture of the flat noodles, love the sweet crunch of fresh prawns, love the juicy vegetables and of course, i love the full-bodied, heavy frying essence Chinese termed as wok hei.


Near the only Macdonald's at Ao Nang; a tailor shop by the name of Tom Fashion is facing the stall.

Please find above the exact picture of the street stall.

Taken from where i was seated at the stall; note the world renowned golden arch that is less than ten meters away.

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