Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tour Agent Counters (Our Preferred Choice) @ Ao Nang, Krabi (Thailand)

As i mentioned before (HERE), there are loads of information counters at Ao Nang. But their main business is not just to answer your questions on this touristy town.

They are your gateway for numerous attractions surrounding the area, which could mean kayaking along a mangrove swamp, rock climbing lessons at any of the limestone cliffs, praying at the famous tiger-less Tiger Temple, trekking to the hot springs, island hopping to the James Bond Island or scoring for a scuba diving license!

There are many other activities you could pay to participate, like a Thai cooking lesson. Some hotels do offer this tour agent service although it might be hard (and maybe embarrassing) to bargain your ass off in such proper setting. 

Frankly, i am one of those tourists that suck in asking for lower prices and prefer to put my money with good service. And thank god we found Tarn, a person so warm hearted and so attentive to our needs!

Put it this way, she (and her colleague Bond) was fantastic enough for us to keep going back on a daily basis to buy our packages to Hong island, Phi Phi islands, Night Market at Krabi town and taxi to the airport.

Charges wise, we were quoted pretty good rates on a per person price of 900* Thai baht for Hong Island (by speed boat), 900* Thai baht for Phi Phi island (by speedboat too), 250* Thai baht for night market and a flat rate of 450* Thai baht for our taxi to the airport at an ungodly 5.30am!

Given so many counters within a few minutes of walk, I could have simply sourced around. However, Tarn's customer service was really top notch and i am a person who doesn't believe in switching unless something pisses me off. 

That's how faithful i am!  

If you happen to be in Ao Nang, pay her a visit! Do let her know that Cavin and Alex send the warmest regards from Singapore!

*We went during the super off peak period. Prices are subject to flutuation although i believe Tarn will always give you a fair quotation.


Right outside the entrance to Aonang Villa Resort, within a shop that sells clothes, bags and shoes and besides a 7-11 outlet.

Additional Information
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    1. Thanks! if you have other questions, please feel free to leave a comment and i would try to answer them! :)


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