Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kaya Toast Bread (烤面包) @ Chin Mee Chin Confectionery (珍美真) - Marine Parade (East Coast Road)

Chin Mee Chin is one confectionery that had managed to evade my gluttonous advance for the two times i intentionally travelled all the way from Yishun.

Both times were in the afternoon at around 3pm and for the third attempt, i learned my lesson and was in the vicinity by noon. Why am i so desperate to go there? Answer: Kaya Toast Bread that is voted as one of the best in Singapore.

It was teeming with patrons and i had to thank my lucky stars that someone had coincidentally vacated a table for us. As you can see, this is an old school establishment decked out in wooden chairs, stone table tops and nostalgic mosaic tiles!

No toast is complete without a cup of freshly brewed Asian coffee. It had a nice aroma although i found it to be a tad too bitter. Not to worry as a glass of fine sugar was placed on each table for that purpose, i believe.

All along, i assumed the kaya toast at Chin Mee Chin (CMC) was made with slices of bread and was therefore, caught off guard to see this mini burger bun!

The bun was lightly toasted with a comfortable spread of green kaya topped with a thick chunk of butter. At that time, i thought i might prefer a real burger which definitely provides more kick.

You may want to wait for a minute or two for the butter to melt a bit more before sinking your teeth into the complete bun.

This unique version tasted surprisingly good especially towards the end, when the savoury butter started to drip! Having said that, i would choose the kaya toast from Nam Heng over this.


204, East Coast Road (Look out for this building on your right side if you are driving towards Siglap)

Kaya Toast Bread - S$1.00 each

Additional Information
Apparently i am quite blind to certain details; trays of cakes and buns were prominently displayed for customers to select for consumption in the shop. And i miss it until i was about to leave.

Darn it!

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