Monday, October 03, 2011

The Month of September - Birthday, Birthday and Birthday

September is a bad month for my pocket, my credit cards and ultimately, my bank account!!

Within the immediate family, i have three members whose birthday falls on the ninth month of the gregorian calendar. Disregarding the depleting cash,it is actually the most enjoyable month of the year; i can eat to my mouth and stomach's content!

First up is the mom's birthday at Uncle Leong Seafood! She is one hip mother i will never wish to replace and people who know me well understand how deeply attached i am to her.

Second up is the brat's birthday. He has gone through the phase of angel one, terrible two, monster three and god helps us if he doesn't turn out to be any better this year!

Last up is the dad's birthday. Long perceived to be the true master when it comes to scriptures chanting (aka nagging), the patriarch of the family has thankfully toned down significantly in the past ten years.

The Teo family is very shy when it comes to singing of birthday songs in public. Therefore, such activities will be celebrated at another location; home.

When it comes to family, i always wish for two things on their birthdays; good health and happiness.

Having fortune is an added bonus. *under threat to add this since the parents are compulsive lottery (4D and TOTO) players*

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