Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oyster Omelette (蚝煎) & Black Carrot Cake (黑菜头粿) @ Adam Road Food Centre

The lack of accolades on any hawker stall can be disturbing but for me, the food recommendations from Mr Kon cannot be taken lightly as this man knows his stuff damn well.

This no signboard stall, otherwise known officially as stall number 01-22, is deemed by the great kon to serve a really mean plate of oyster omelette.

One thing for sure; the design of the plate is indeed different although i don't see any link of this black carrot cake with fish. It would have tasted weird anyway.

It could be a tad darker, sweeter with pieces half the size smaller for better flavour absorption although i seriously have nothing major to complain about.

On the oyster omelette (or luak), it came in a boat-shaped bowl that included a separate section for chilli sauce. Note that i am no oyster lover and even if i enjoy oyster omelette, i never touch the oyster.

The all-important wok hei essence is well performed in this dish! So much so that i didn't mind the soggy texture and relish each bite with utmost satisfaction!


2, Adam Road. #01-22
(Adam Food Centre)

Black Carrot Cake - S$3
Oyster Omelette - S$5

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