Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes (from Kasie)

"You can do it also meh?" It was merely an innocent comment that eventually resulted in igniting the competitive streak of a friend.

This question was posed after i saw these delicious looking rainbow cupcakes at a blogger's page (Click Nadnut for the pictures).

As a kid, i have always believed rainbow signifies simple happiness in times of gloom but i have never seen them in any stress relieving pastries, save for a customary sugary/plasticky imagery.

Nuff said; what matters most is that i was given a complementary tray of cupcakes the following week!

Granted the vibrant colour doughs were not as perfectly layered as the ones i saw in the blog, Kasie did a marvellous job (even my colleagues gave them the thumbs up) given that she had very little time to play with (religious activities, work etc) in baking them specially.

Specially to plug my big mouth that is.

Thanks anyway Kasie!

I am waiting to be the taster of more pastries from you in the future. *frantically googling to see if there are other cakes/pastries/biscuits he can challenge Kasie with*

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