Friday, December 22, 2017

Worst Toilet i Encountered on My First Trip to Japan @ Otaru [Hokkaido]

The cleanliness of toilets in Japan was said to be the best in the world and even though i haven't traveled to that many countries; i am in total agreement with the aforementioned statement after my visit to Hokkaido back in August this year.

Nothing's absolutely perfect, however, and today, i am going to share with you the worst toilet i encountered in Japan and its location is at the main entrance of an almost century old Japanese shrine; Suitengu.

The moment i stepped in, i can intimately feel the gloomy eeriness; the place was dark and badly maintained. What you see above was purposely brightened up in Photoshop.

Stubborn marks stained the grouts and even the urinal was showing signs of hairlines cracks. There was a stench but honestly, the toilets in some coffee shops back home are worse.

Other things that kind of spooked me were the insects i found crawling all over the male toilet (for obvious reason, i didn't check out the ladies room); caterpillar and the above centipede-lookalike with long legs.

And a dead, dried-up moth. In daytime, i found the deplorable condition intriguing but you wouldn't catch me venturing there at night, especially when the lights didn't appear to work.

To be fair, this is just the worst toilet in my inaugural trip to Japan; in my life, there are many others in even poorer condition! Having said that, none gave me that much chill as this one outside Suitengu. 


Outside Suitengu Shrine,
Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

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