Thursday, December 14, 2017

No Luck with Tong Huat Traditional Confectionery @ Kluang [Johor, Malaysia]

I was wondering if i should come out with a separate post for Tong Huat Traditional Confectionery in Kluang as i technically didn't buy anything there since the key recommendation, tar sau peah, was already sold out for the day! 

Nevertheless, i thought it might be helpful to show you guys and gals what were available in the shop when we arrived at about 4.50pm; an hour plus before they pulled the shutter. 

There were a number of handmade Chinese pastries (like Wife's biscuits) which generally didn't appeal to me; i might be Chinese but my affection is with Peranakan Nyonya kueh! 

Cookies for lunar new year in 2018 were already out for sale! Now that i have an oven; i think it's harder to get me to spend my hard-earned money. Most of the times, i can bake myself unless it's stuff that involved too much work; like cheesecake! 

Frankly, the confectionery felt more like a convenience stall that sells nothing but food. I can find bags of keropok and sweets too! Only issue was that the place was pretty crowded and the items were all over the place. If only they have a concept similar to Biscuit King which would make the experience much more enjoyable.

To their credit, things were priced cheaply; the 70-gram bags of pumpkin chips and fish crackers cost less than S$0.70. I don't think you can find such pricing in expensive Singapore! 

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