Friday, December 08, 2017

When I Am Old - Meaningful Words for People with Elderly Parents @ UK Farm [Kluang, Johor, Malaysia]

Said to be the largest goat farm in Malaysia and ranked #2 on the list of things to do in Kluang; i would have expected my trip to be filled entirely with activities that should bring me back to my childhood; where i spent a good part in the village. 

It did and i had a fun time despite the terribly hot weather that typical Singaporeans would curse and swear of; anyway, i shall leave more details with a separate posting.

I was more drawn to a poster that first appeared at the ticketing entrance before we started our farm tour and then we noticed the same poster at two other locations. It would not have generated much interest if it's a publicity poster promoting the benefits of goat's milk etc. 

But, the silhouette of a man holding on to a child with tons of Chinese characters under the main heading "when i am old" was really out of place in a commercial farm. We were curious and proceeded to read the text, given our rusty grasp of Chinese words. 

Translation as follows; forgive me if i didn't manage to translate them to the actual gist and emotions described in Chinese. Just as i am bad in Chinese; i am honestly not that well versed in English too.

When I am old, I am no longer the original me.
Please understand, and be patient with me. 

When I make a mess of myself during mealtimes,
and should I forget how to tie my shoelaces, 
please recall the times I calmly taught you when you were young.

When I repeat myself again and again on topics you have heard a million times before,
please exercise patience to listen and do not interrupt me.
When you were young, I had to read the same bedtime story again and again till you fell asleep.

When I need your assistance to help me bath, please do not scold me.
Still remember the numerous ways i used to coax you to step into the shower when you were a kid?

When I am exposed to new technology that's hard to understand, do not laugh at me. 
Think of the times when I had to patiently answered your every "why".

When my legs are tired and I can't walk further,
please use your strong arms and hold me, 
just like the way I did when you were learning to walk.

When I suddenly forget what we are talking about,
please give me a bit of time to recall.
Frankly, what we talk about isn't important.
So long you are listening to me, i am already satisfied.

As you see me get older and older, please do not be sad.
Understand me, support me; just as i did when you came into the world.

In the beginning, I guided you to adulthood.
Now, please accompany me on my last journey in life.

Give me your love and patience and I would return with a smile filled with gratefulness. This smile also consists of my limitless love for you. 

Wish every family happiness.

I was seriously touched by the words, especially with my parents now in their 60s and i am unsure if my friend and sister had noticed the tears welling up in my eyes when i read the content aloud. I constantly have to remind myself to be patient; a difficult feat given my character. 

However, i will try. 

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