Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sin Heng Kee Porridge 新興記粥品 (Chong Pang) - So Many Kinds of Local Porridge in an Air-Conditioned Setting! @ Yishun [Singapore] #sinhengkeeporridge

Every weekend, it's a routine for me to pay a visit to Chong Pang food centre for breakfast and then some marketing at the wet market. 

My route rarely has any diversion unless i need to draw money from the ATM and that's how i got to know of this new air-conditioned porridge restaurant known as Sin Heng Kee! 

It really helps to engage a good photographer to take mouthwatering pictures and i was immediately drawn to the above picture of the restaurant's signature porridge! Heck, i think i must have been staring for quite a few seconds as the waitress loudly beckoned me to make an order.

Breakfast was already settled that day and i am not going to take in more carbohydrates! Nevertheless, i shared the menu with my family and we arranged to meet up for breakfast at Sin Heng Kee on a Sunday! 

Menu that's pasted on the table; if you need a visual reference, you may refer to the menu i am appending at the end of this post. Ordering is fast-food style; at the counter where you make payment and get a paging device to alert you when your food is ready.

An excruciating wait of 20 minutes before our food was ready! We had three different types of porridge but they all looked the same; hence, keep your ears open when the lady tells you which is which. 

Signature Porridge - yes, this was the signature porridge and it sure didn't look anything like the second photograph that i shared earlier in this post! However, i am aware that plating is necessary to catch your attention and a stir might reveal the treasures within. 

Stirred and even though it did drag up the ingredients like cuttlefish, pork, meat balls, sliced fish, minced chicken, century egg, liver and intestines, it just didn't appear as luxurious as the picture. 

By the way, youtiao is not part of porridge and you need to order them separately. The same goes if you like to have egg in your porridge. 

As shown, the porridge is in the classic Cantonese style that's sticky and gooey yet smooth and flavourful with the light fragrance of sesame oil. For that wide variety of ingredients, the taste of the gruel was nice enough even though i feel that it lacked the oomph to differentiate itself from a typical bowl of porridge from a good hawker stall. 

Key, however, lies with the ingredients and i must admit that despite the visual disappointment, the portion was generous for the pricing and i love the tender meat, the fresh fish and the soft cuttlefish! Next time, i will add in an egg! 


Having hot porridge in an air-conditioned setting would have been a comfortable affair but i thought it was still pretty warm! The operator should consider lowering the temperature further, putting up glass doors at the entrance to prevent the cool air from escaping and / or installing a few ceiling fans.

Block 101, Yishun Avenue 5, 
#01-19/21, Near Chong Pang Food Market,
Singapore 760101


As above.

Operating Hours
7.00 am to 9.30 pm

Menu (Visual)
The picture was cut off and didn't show the full menu. For better representation of the menu, do refer to the fourth picture in this post. 

Signature Porridge - S$6.00
Youtiao (Chinese crullers) - S$1.20
(inclusive of GST)


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Bad service and attitude staff. Chilli and condiments are damn expensive in this stall. Too angry to enjoy the food even if it is good.
    Won't recommend if you want to eat happily.

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM


  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    The porridge is delicious. The service sucks. The seating arrangement is horrible.

    1. yes! the seating is terrible! so squeezy!

  3. Their staffs especially PRC and Malaysian staffs are got attitude problem indeed.

  4. My mom shares your sentiments!