Monday, December 11, 2017

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (松發肉骨茶) @ Yishun's Northpoint City Mall [Singapore]

Singapore's peppery style bak kut teh has gained a fiercely loyal following among those who have tried it and while i had tasted the soup from Ng Ah Sio, Founder's, Ya Hua etc, the one still outstanding was Song Fa Bak Kut Teh! 

Strangely, i never got round to patronising the shop until it set up a branch at Northpoint! Convenience played a very important part, especially with the recent thunderstorm weather in Singapore. 

Mindful that i am at my heaviest now, i insisted on getting a pot of aged pu-er tea to wash down the fats! There were only three of us and i thought it was an overkill to have six, tiny cups.

Next time, i am insisting on having just the pot so that we can drink to our fill! With a mouth as big as mine, it's torturing to drink from a doll-sized teacup! 

My premium loin ribs soup with a plate of dough fritters and a bowl of white rice! As mentioned before, don't bother with normal pork ribs; premium loin ribs (known as special dragon bone in Chinese) would be the cut to go. 

The texture of premium loin meat was the kind i enjoyed; meaty, fatty yet the ability to slip easily off the bone. Extremely shiok when you eat it with white rice that's swimming in the pepper infused broth! 

Free refill for the soup - tourists who are visiting Singapore for the first time should note that most bak kut teh stores offer free refills for the soup; hence, don't be shy to ask.

My personal take is that the pepper content seemed to be higher at Song Fa as compared to my favourite Ya Hua; a tad too peppery for me even though i can imagine how desirable it can be for some to slurp down a nasal-clearing peppery soup when it's pouring cats and dogs outside! 

Leaving the best for the last; i usually ignored the cloves of garlic but this time round, i gamely took a bite and it was amazingly soft! The garlic remained rich in flavour despite losing its spiciness.

Finally, after two refills of soup. 


930, Yishun Avenue 2, #B1-48, 
Northpoint City Shopping Mall, 
Singapore 769098


Premium Loin Meat - S$11.50
Dough Fritters - S$1.50
Aged Pu-Er - S$5.00 a pot
Rice - S$0.70
(Subject to GST and 5% Service Charge)

Additional Information
Prices were not cheap but you get a certain level of service here. For example, you can get a zip lock bag or a piece of cloth to cover your bags / belongings. Hm..... what's the likelihood of splattering the bak kut teh all over your bag? Low compared to other Singapore dishes like chilli crab, i guess.  

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