Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mutton for Lunch @ UK Farm Agro Resort in Kluang [Malaysia]

Tummy was craving for food and I was at the largest goat farm in Malaysia with an attached restaurant that served what I presumed to be the freshest mutton dishes; if you get what I mean. 

It's the same philosophy for people who said that fisherman gets the freshest catch for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, I understand it's a horror thought for vegetarians but I am, unfortunately, a meat eater. :( 

Coming back, the restaurant was open-air, non-air-conditioned with a stage across a green patch of field. As there are accommodations in the farm, the stage was likely built for night entertainment as it's not worth the trouble to drive along a non-lighted road for about 20 minutes just to get out to the main road.

Signature dishes were all mutton/lamb! Hm... lamb is supposed to be the young of sheep whereas kid is the term used to describe the young of a goat. Since the Chinese character for sheep and goat is the same, I am assuming that the lamb chop and lamb shank refers to goat meat which is generally accepted and known as mutton in this part of the world. 

The restaurant is like our typical tze-char restaurant with numerous dishes on their menu and I am sharing only what appeared to be their well-known dishes. If I was with my mom, I would seriously consider the kampong chicken with herbs.

Drink menu! I definitely wouldn't try something as normal as soft drinks! Hello, we were on a farm and we should always try local produce; e.g. fresh goat milk, passion fruit juice. 

Thai Coconut - Joyce was disappointed as it didn't seem like the typical sweet Thai coconut we are accustomed to. It tasted alright; just not as sweet with coconut meat that's tough to scrape.

Fresh Honey Passionfruit Juice - Sour yet shiok to drink on a hot day! I would prefer it to be sweeter and maybe ice- blended for ease of drinking.

Claypot Herbal Mutton Soup - Joyce ordered this although I couldn't understand her rationale as the weather was freakishly hot and mutton is known to be heaty for the body! 

Oh well, it's her choice and I am happy just taking a few sips of the soup and stealing one piece of the mutton for the purpose of this review. 

The meat was extremely tender and didn't taste gamey at all; soup was expectedly nice even though I still hold the belief that it would have tasted way better at night or when the weather was cooling. 

Lamb Chop - my order with a serving of shoestring fries and salad. Aside from steak, I often craved for lamb chop. However, it's not commonly sold at western food stalls and even if I were to find any, the pricing would be too high compared to chicken chop and the cut would be too thin for a satisfying bite. 

This one from UK Farm didn't disappoint; there were quite a few pieces and I love the soft, tender, easy-to-slice texture with just a touch of gaminess! The cut could have been thicker but it wasn't as thin as what I would have gotten in Singapore most of the time. Furthermore, I enjoyed the perfect combination of ingesting the meat with the sweet honey sauce! 


Within UK Farm

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Check out my google map (look for UK Farm) as above.

Thai Coconut - RM 6.00
Fresh Honey Passionfruit Juice - RM 8.00
Claypot Herbal Mutton Soup - RM 29.68
Lamb Chop - RM 47.70

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