Sunday, December 24, 2017

Silo Observatory - Panorama on Ground and Up In the Sky @ Lake Toya [Hokkaido, Japan]

I was thinking of giving Lake Toya Silo Observatory a miss as blog reviews didn't mention anything beyond soaking in the panoramic view of Lake Toya. However, it's along the way from Otaru and i guess stopping for just half an hour wouldn't be too much if hassle for us.

There wasn't any admission fee and once you cut across the big souvenir shop in the building, the scenic view of Lake Toya would be right in front of you!

Picture taking with stuffed Ezo brown bears! Wild bears do roam around in Hokkaido and it's quite common to see such stuffed bears. I personally find it sad though, think about it; what if a fellow bear chances upon them unwittingly at night.

As usual, this signboard was a hit with tourists and there were busloads of them in our visit. It's a pity that the lake appeared to have a hazy veil covering it and pictures didn't manage to capture its beauty.

Now you know what i meant. Right in the middle of the picture, you would find a cluster of buildings; that's where most tourists, like us, would stay for the night.

Numerous volcano eruptions have been recorded over the years, with the most recent one in 2000 that resulted in a new mountain (which we would visit the next day)!

While i was squinting my eyes to see where exactly our inn was across the lake, i heard a "whop whop" sound that got louder and louder over a few seconds.  Looking out, i found the source; a helicopter!

Together with other curious onlookers, i walked to the heliport.

Thinking it was a heliport for emergencies and also for researchers, you can imagine my surprise when i saw a price list for tourists to view the lake from up in the sky!

Three courses were available with the longest 12-minute crater course costing 20,000 yen each adult! I was tempted but i cannot stomach the thought of having about S$250 flying out of my pocket. Guess i am satisfied with the panorama on hard, solid ground.

Going back to the souvenir shop.

Was craving for Hokkaido milk even though i eventually went with the yogurt drink that was lusciously thick, rich and creamy!

There were many souvenirs from all over Hokkaido that can be found at Silo Observatory, including horse oil, lavender pillows, potato farm products, Shiroi Koibito (白い恋人) biscuits, royce chocolates etc.

I think there are bulk discounts. Check out the above!


Japan, 〒049-5832 Hokkaido,
Abuta District, Toyako, Naruka, 3−5

Google Map
Check out my google map for Hokkaido and look for "Silo Oberservatory" under Lake Toya (06-07 Aug)


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