Monday, December 25, 2017

Ah Fu Satay (阿褔沙爹) & Other Food in Tan Ching Hing Restaurant @ Kluang [Malaysia]

Said to be a must try from a friend who checked with his fellow countrymen, i was confused with Ah Fu Satay's address as the one given was different from the one published online!

Whatever the case, both were quite near to each other and i will be appending the correct address (the one online was right) at the end of this post for reference.

Initially expecting just satay, i was caught off guard by the other food stalls in the non-air-conditioned coffee shop that served a pretty good variety comprising of barbecued seafood, crab dishes, deep fried chicken feet etc.

If i had known earlier, i might just eat lesser at dinner so that i can indulge in a super big crab that cost RM 80 (less than S$30). Oh well, maybe i should bring my mum here next time since she is literally a crab fan!

Now, the satay stall that was bigger than the name of the coffee shop itself; from the background published on the menu, it was mentioned that the store was established in 1991 under a different name and in 2003, the son of the founder took over and revised the recipe that proved to be popular with the Chinese masses.

And in 2006, he bought over a land, built a coffee shop and invited other stalls to join in! As we know by now, it's a favourite for the locals and even at 9.30 pm; the placed was packed with customers!

For Singaporeans, it's a deal to get a stick of satay here as it only cost about 30 cents whereas the average price of one stick can set us back by an astronomical 70 cents (about RM 2.10) back home.

I wouldn't be satisfied with just satay and my eyes sparkled when i saw hotplate oysters on one of the stall fronts! Think my tummy can squeeze in a bit more after that filling meal in Kluang's famous star restaurant.

Fried Chicken Wings - Alrighty, i couldn't resist the fried chicken wings too but i am mindful and went with the minimal of 2 pieces.

Served scalding hot from the frying oil, the batter was crispy yet not thick enough to overwhelm the taste. Meat was fresh and i believe it's perfect to have them with a mug of ice cold beer!

Hotplate Oyster - our usual fried oyster on a hot plate, this was sizzling when place on our table and as you could probably guess from the picture, there's more egg than starch.

I dig eggs and this would do great for the egg lover in me although i would rather go with something with a more intensive oyster flavour in it. For RM 11, we got like 7 large oysters.

Satay - we waited more than 30 minutes for this plate of satay sticks; 10 sticks of pork, 5 sticks of mutton and 5 sticks of chicken!

Portion was definitely meatier than satay sold in most Singapore stalls and i couldn't wait to bite into each of them to enjoy the satisfaction of my teeth slowly sinking into the meat. Sadly, i didn't quite like the marination which contained more spices than sugar whereas Singapore's version tends to be on the sweeter side.

It's a matter of personal preference and i bet there will be many others who prefer the "spice' taste. In addition, i like my pork satay to have segments of slightly charred fat that dripped with sinful goodness.


PTB 1015, Jalan Sekolah Chong Hwa,
86000 Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Google Map
Check out my google map for my Kluang trip and look for "Restoran Tan Ching Hing" under Day One

Operating Hours
6.30 pm to Midnight

Drink Menu
As above. Do note that with the exception of canned drinks, you may have to wait a long time for your beverage during peak hour!

Fried Chicken Wing - RM 3.20 each
Hotplate Oysters - RM 11.00
Pork Satay - RM 0.80 a stick
Chicken Satay - RM 0.80 a stick
Mutton Satay - RM 0.90 a stick

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    great satay, very nice place. been there for years whenever I went to Kluang