Friday, December 29, 2017

Feeding the Rabbits in UK Farm @ Kluang [Johor, Malaysia]

The most memorable activity at UK Farm is actually the high number of animal feeding visitors can experience; by feeding, i am literally saying you, as a visitor, can hold the food right to the mouth of the animals.

I counted six different animal feeding and that doesn't include the one for the rabbits which was separately charged from the farm package; admission was free with a pack of pellets costing RM 3.00.

Section reserved for the rabbits was huge although the pens themselves were placed under a nondescript sheltered hut for logical reasons. You wouldn't want to find cages filled with lifeless rabbits on an extremely sunny day. 

As an authentic kampong boy who spent much of his childhood in a village, this scene wasn't too remote for me and since my family used to rear rabbits (for food), i must say that the condition at UK Farm was way better. 

It was bright and there wasn't much of a stench. In fact, aside from the raw looking yet practical cages with cold metal grilles, each cage wasn't squeezed in with a lot of rabbits as in the case of some pet shops.

Personally, i would prefer a bigger space for the rabbits and could only hope that their carers would allow them to run around the huge grassy patch surrounding the hut on a daily basis. 

Educational information about the rabbits; i am drawing your attention to the last paragraph as i don't think i can confidently say that a rabbit meant to say thank you when it licks your hand. To be fair, i have had hamsters, chinchillas but i never had a rabbit as a pet. 

Let the feeding begin! Surprisingly, i didn't get a single bite / nip even though i rotated the pellets with the rabbits in all the cages; they were gentle and very adorable! 

Now, i mention about the lack of stench earlier and i got my answer in the above picture. Notice the bottom of the cages where there are metal sheets hoisted on an angle? 

Rabbit poos, poo falls through the meshed flooring, poo rolls down the metal sheet and poo plops into a plastic container! Didn't think we had that in the village. Haha. 


Within UK Farm Resort,
Kluang, Johor State, Malaysia

Google Map

Check out my google map (look for UK Farm under Day One) as above.

Admission Fees
Entry is complimentary after you purchase the tour package. The basic package (RM 47.70 an adult) would bring you on a 2-3 hour bus journey with interesting stopovers comprising of animal feeding (with free feeds) and even a visit to a mock up Jakun village! 

To read more about our short two days, one night trip to Kluang, click here!

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