Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hawk Rent A Car - My First Car Rental Experience in Malaysia @ Johor Bahru

Now that i no longer own a car, i have been wanting to rent a car and drive around Malaysia as there are so many places to explore and having a car would be so much more convenient! 

I finally rented one online when i visited Kluang a few weekends ago and to be totally honest, i just crawled through a few forums and decided to give Hawk Rent A Car a try. 

We proceeded over to Menara Ansar after breakfast at Hua Mei restaurant and the office was an extremely small outfit in the tower. Registration took a while as they were facing problems with the computer / printer.

Aside from the printout of your online confirmation, do remember to bring along your license. International driving license wasn't required but i did bring along mine (made it when i drove in Hokkaido back in August; just in case. 

Time to inspect the Perodua Bezza 1.3 Auto car! The staff was really nice and pointed out existing damages that had missed my eyes; there were quite a number, including scratches, non-threatening holes on the glass etc. 

To me, it didn't matter to me if the rented car wasn't 'perfect', so long i can still drive it - in my opinion, a less perfect car would be less prone to theft and people who were green eyed.  

Beginning our drive to Kluang! If you are interested to know what we did at Kluang, check out my summarized travelogue here

Forgot to share a full photo of the car we were allocated; VH6791, a brown Perodua Bezza 1.3 Auto. Thankfully, it was a smooth drive throughout the journey and i didn't make the mistakes of pressing the accelerator when i switched to "R", thinking it stands for Ride etc.

After the trip, it's back to Menara Ansar again and this time, i had to park at the underground carpark as the open-air lot, reserved for Hawk Rent A Car was already taken. Left the parking ticket on the dashboard and got one of the staff to come down for another round of check to ensure there was no new damage. p.s. car was extremely dirty though. 


Location of Office
Lot S17, Podium 1, Menara Ansar, 
65, Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru, 
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Booking Website

Rental Rate
2 Full Days - RM 281.96 for Perodua Bezza

The amount above already included GST. Do note that that rental is for minimal 24 hours and any extension beyond 5 hours would be a full day; hence, even though i rented the car from 10am on 02 December, we booked two full days as we prefer to have the flexibility when returning the car. 

How to Get Back to City Square from Menara Ansar
Menara Ansar (menara stands for tower in Malay) is actually pretty near to the ever popular City Square shopping centre.

Towards the direction of City Square, you would come to this corridor and wonder if it is safe to walk along and whether it will get us to the shopping mall. A passerby sensed our dilemma and told us to go ahead; so kind right?! 

Once we got out of the corridor, there's City Square right across the road! 

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