Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Mini Zoo in UK Farm Resort @ Kluang [Johor, Malaysia]

Even though i have somewhat outgrown my love for zoos, i would not hesitate to step into one if it is a part of the package; as in the case for UK Farm where we got to visit the mini zoo at no extra cost!

Tagging it as a zoo is pushing the definition and having the word mini does cushion it somewhat as i was under the impression i had descended on to a farm with poultry running around freely.

There were cages alright and i peeked in excitedly; expecting to see rare animals that i don't get to see commonly. To put things in context, i used to live in a village with a wider exposure to animals we don't chance upon in our concrete jungle.

p.s. budgerigars / parakeets are common pets in Singapore and i was disappointed to see behind the steel netting. A few cockatoos might excite me more.

Honestly, i feel sad for the animals behind cages despite the educational value, no matter how little, zoos are supposed to impart to the younger generation.

Such basic information doesn't tell us much about the habitat of the animal, its behavior in the wild and the distribution in the region. That's why i appreciate the highly acclaimed Singapore Zoo so much although we really can't compare given the financial considerations.

Furthermore, i believe there's a practical reason for the information as this guinea fowl (known locally as pearl chicken as translated from its Chinese term) is sold as food. I remember see the featherless version for sale in a Singapore's wet market.

What's behind this elevated walled enclosure?

Lazy crested porcupines! To be fair, the information did attempt to list down the species' diet, life span, breeding period etc in four different languages; Malay, Chinese, English and Japanese.

Chicken coops for the free ranging poultry.

Humongous tortoise in the pen! I am not sure about the species but i sure am impressed with the paws! Condition of the pen didn't appear good even though this would be exactly how we kept animals in our village days.

Wild boars - for Chinese, it's said that we can eat anything with their back facing the sky and wild boar meat is in fact a delicacy and served in many tze char restaurants.

Ducks and geese in a large enclosure; it's not that hard for me to cross over but i wouldn't do it for the sake of my shoes. No way am i going to get them caked in poultry shit!

A long line of cages with a fence that did little to deter any adventurous, reckless individual from getting closer! Individuals like me who don't mind taking a bit of risk.

Monitor lizard - i actually felt sorry for it as it was feebly pulling at the steel nets; just like what a defeated-minded person might do in their countless attempt to escape the contained prison.

The same goes for this monkey.

It didn't look like the common long tailed macaque and could have been found in the wild. It did seem to be digging a hole; good luck with that as it's in full view of everyone!

Did you notice the metal 'pendant' around its neck? My suspicion told me it's a hook for the leash and it's likely it would be brought out for walks on a good day.

Ducks; i am wondering if anyone of them would be chosen for dinner at the resort's resident restaurant... Frankly, it's all about practicality sometimes and we must remember that this is a working farm.

Sleeping civet cat!

At the end of the cage; a python! Please be assured that it wasn't as large as the picture made it out to be even though i find it sinister to place it right next to the chicken cage!

If i am the chicken, i will definitely be diagnosed with chronic paranoia after a while.

Lastly, the squirrel cage. The weather was insanely hot and while the stench wasn't obnoxious, the heat was actually getting to us! It didn't help that we just had a filling mutton meal at the resort's non-air-conditioned restaurant and the sleeping bug was gnawing at our brain!


Within UK Farm Resort,
Kluang, Johor State, Malaysia

Google Map

Check out my google map (look for UK Farm under Day One) as above.

Admission Fees
Entry to the mini zoo is complementary after you purchase the tour package. The basic package (RM 47.70 an adult) would bring us on a 2-3 hour bus journey with interesting stopovers comprising of animal feeding and even a visit to a mock up Jakun village! 

To read more about our short two days, one night trip to Kluang, click here!

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