Sunday, December 10, 2017

Warm Bento Box from Seicomart - I Assumed Wrongly @ Hokkaido [Japan]

Unlike convenience stores in Singapore, the ones in Japan offered a lot more in terms of food and services and your purchase is always greeted with a sweet smile, a bow and a string of polite-sounding Japanese words.

My breakfasts (and sometimes lunches) in Hokkaido were often settled at the convenience stores like Lawson, Family Mart and the Hokkaido-originated Seicomart. What i have is usually on the 'safe' side but i had been noticing this publicity flag for a particular bento.

Being able to recognise Chinese characters helped a bit in translation and i figured it's a Hokkaido  product and said to have good reviews. I absolutely have no idea what meat it was and assumed from the picture it's unagi (Japanese eel).

It was 2.11 pm and we were running a bit late for lunch; in fact, we were at a rest station on a highway in between Furano and Otaru and there's about an hour to go before we even reached Otaru. A good excuse to try the bento! 

Priced at 490 yen, (about S$6), i thought it was quite a good deal with five pieces of grilled unagi. Or so i thought before i actually opened the box and took a bite. 

Because when i did and chomped off half a piece of what appeared to be grilled unagi, i turned it over as it didn't taste anything like unagi. That's when i literally rolled my eyes for my stupidity; it's grilled fish! Luckily, the taste was alright even though i couldn't help but felt disappointed. 

Okay, bye! 


Of course there are a lot more fun and memorable things i did in Hokkaido and you may read my 8 days, 7 nights' (half of which were self drive) itinerary to Hokkaido at the separate posting here. 

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