Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017 - Unwrapping the Presents

Belated Merry Christmas! 

Time flies (as we get older) and before we knew it, Christmas is over and we are all looking forward to a better year in 2018; i actually didn't check out much of the Xmas decoration this year as i was mentally and physically exhausted.

Nevertheless, i am blessed with many presents from friends and colleagues although i am not really a gift person. In fact, i would very much prefer having a good time with friends instead of receiving presents; save the money and let's spend it over a delicious meal! 

To be frank, i have three groups of friends that decided on not having gift exchange this year; no more tearing our hair from guessing what presents to buy and praying hard that the recipient would like what we bought for them.

However, i do appreciate the gifts i received; love them! Would like to grumble about the chocolates though; nice but they are deterring me from losing weight! Most unique is a pack of biscuit with a hidden message written in the insides of the box; who the hell could have guessed that!? 

p.s. not sharing the content of the message. :P 

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