Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sin Durian - Sinfully Addictive @ Aljunied Crescent (Next to Geylang East Hawker Centre) [Singapore] #sindurian

The meal, consisting of a plate of horfun and a serving of rojak, shared between two persons at a coffee shop next to Geylang East hawker centre, wasn't very filling for my mom and i and i was wondering what else to have to bulk up our stomachs.

While we were strolling towards the bus stop, i caught sight of this brightly lit durian shop. Now, i am particular when it comes to durians as many operators are, simply put, dishonest and i prefer to spend my money at reputable establishments like Ah Seng Durian or Sindy Durians.

Hence, i was hesitant to give Sin Durian a try even though it had been almost a year since i last had a bite of that spiky, stinky fruit. Surprisingly, my mom expressed a rare enthusiasm and said we should go for just one fruit.

We went with the king of durians; the musang king that cost a pricey S$19 a kilogram. In normal circumstances, one should always opt for the cheaper species first and then slowly advance to the expensive ones. 

However, since mom only wanted ONE king of the fruit, having the most expensive one makes perfect sense!

Even though i was eagerly taking photo after photo, i was literally swallowing my saliva as i couldn't wait to have the yellow flesh swirling in my mouth! I miss you very much, durian!

Pulpy without being overly mushy; i can feel the pretty flat seed hidden within as i pressed it down in anticipation of its grand entry down my throat.

It was bitter as expected for the highly sought cat mountain king species and super satisfying to have, with a high flesh to seed ratio. I had to intimately pick the seed with remnants of durian's flesh so that nothing will be wasted.

With just seven seeds (S$28 worth by the way), we were left craving for more and had to go for a second fruit! This time, it's cheaper at S$15.

Fruit was smaller but the quality was better; meat was intensely bitter yet balanced with a sweetness that will negate the exercises i have been doing to lose some pounds! Would this kick start my durian addiction!? Not when Christmas is also coming!


Ah Sin Durian
Block 113, Aljunied Crescent,
#01-15, Singapore 380113
(next to MacDonald's)


As above.

Facebook Page

+65 8247 8111
(Call as stocks do run out. I encountered two customers who came all the way only to realise that the species they wanted were unavailable and they had to wait for another hour for the delivery to arrive).

Types of Durian Species For Sale 
Refer to the above.

Additional Information
Complimentary water was given. 

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