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Tofu Skincare Semi Emporium @ Pratunam in Bangkok [Thailand]

I shop for a lot of things whenever I am in Bangkok and the hiatus of more than two years (due to the pandemic) means I was roaring to replenish my "essentials" in my July trip to the city of angels! 

Thanks to a friend, I got to know of this place called Tofu Skin Care, at Pratunam. It used to be at a pretty inaccessible location but I am glad to see that it has moved to face the busy Phetchaburi Road, alongside Glow Pratunam and The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam.

Wide-angled view of the shop - much more spacious, with ample walking space! I am also glad that the tourist numbers had not quite recovered in July then although there was a group doing live streaming for purchases.  

And there were like three floors! 
In the past, it was just one floor of merchandise.

However, the third floor wasn't ready and I don't remember much for the second floor too. Guess we would see a complete version the next time we visit. 

One of the things I couldn't wait to stock up would be the rice milk soap! Natural, and handmade; I absolutely love the light fragrance and right here at Tofu Skin Care, a pack of 12 just cost 100 baht! 

Numerous herbal ointments and rollers that were made in Thailand; I would buy a pack of the green herb oil rollers. Jovyn enjoys the refreshing coolness from the oil before her sleep and I actually passed her a few rollers from my stash when she ran out during the pandemic.

There were samples; in case you are uncertain if your nose would be agreeable to the smell. Many to choose from and sometimes, it can put me in a dilemma as I wouldn't know which to choose. You can ask the salesperson to recommend though.

Odor removal! Given the more spacious shop, I have had more time to check out the different products on the shelves. Only thing is that the ingredients and instructions were generally in Thai and Google Translate isn't really that intuitive.

Another item that my mom would ask me to buy from Bangkok; the inhaler nasal sticks (vapex brand) for blocked nose. I actually don't use them but would pay for usually about 10 sticks for my mom and her friends. Is it really that cheap? 

Given my sensitive skin and scalp, you wouldn't see me buying products like serum and shampoo, unless there are enough English reviews that would persuade me to give it a try. 

Coffee for sale too and there's a 32 in 1! By Wuttitham Coffee, the 32-in-1 was supposed to be healthy and can help in weight control. Maybe I should buy a pack to try next time.

My eyes widened when I saw this; Tofu Skin Care has expanded to sell religious products too?! Kuan Im actually refers to the Goddess of Mercy in Chinese. 

There's even a image of the goddess on the pack! Turned out the product inside was pearl cream. Given its traditional packaging, I am guessing it has been around for a long time.

Herbal clove toothpaste; I first got to know about this product in Phuket and fell in love with it. Only problem is that tube dispenser we are accustomed to using is way more convenient.

This snail white cream is extremely popular, and said to be "collagen-packed and have wondrous antiaging properties, and it also contains skin-lightening agent alpha arbutin". Said to be, I don't know how true but before the pandemic, I did see a lot of tourists buying them.

Other products from the same brand. Prices at Tofu Skincare are said to be very reasonable, especially in bulk! Hence, if you are thinking of buying some souvenirs back for family and friends back home, I would strongly recommend this shop.

Given the usage of reusable masks then, I bought quite a number of this mask drop for friends. It has the ability to freshen up the mask and make smelling our own breath more comfortable. 

Contact lens solution - most people have never seen me without glasses but I do wear contacts, especially, when I am going for snorkeling or at a water theme park. However, I prefer daily contacts which wouldn't dry my eyes too much.

The snake brand prickly heat powder was well loved when I was a kid. What I didn't know was that there are shower gels under the same brand! Well, what difference from minty shower gel? 

An altar in the store. 
Guess owned by ethnic Chinese.

Gold mask! There were two things I couldn't get from Tofu Skin Care though; one is the Anjeri Gold Mask and the other is the Neobun Menthol Plaster (for body aches).

Breast milk bag! I almost got this for a colleague who was breastfeeding her kid but figured that I wouldn't be in the correct position to determine its usefulness.

Another 'gold' product!

Gold body wash would have been illuminating but we all know that the result would just be white lather. Whatever the case, I wouldn't waste my precious luggage space on shower gel and shampoo! 

Looking like bags of laundry powder, I should have just thrown this into my basket since I do have a bathtub at Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri and having a bubble bath would have been nice.

Herbal bath sounded pretty good though; worry, however, is that the smell might be too strong. And according to the instructions, it would have been too troublesome to use it; I have to boil the herbs! 

Please tell me I am not the only one who thought this was insecticide! It's actually an air refresher by the parrot brand. I remember one insecticide brand in Singapore that has similar design; it would have been so dangerous if this parrot brand is also sold in Singapore.

I kid you not; if the price is too irresistible, Alex would insist to haul these Darlie toothpastes back to Singapore even if we could get them easily in our little red dot! 

Incense burners that would repel mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants. Hm... the usual ones we have in Singapore are purely for mosquitoes? I don't use them actually given that they are fire hazards.

Heel spa; I think my heels are fine.

Given my age, what I would like to address would be our sagging eye bags! Anyone has any recommended products?! There are a lot in the market and prices vary. I know the best way would be to sleep early but in the era we are living in, it's hard and it doesn't help that I have insomnia too.

Let's pray the above would help slow down the sagging! 
p.s. recommended by the store helpers.

Lip scrub sounds so painful and our lips are delicate compared to our skin. You just need a bit of strength and I bet you can draw blood, which can develop into a painful ulcer.

Would you dare to try on your lips?
Given the spread of COVID-19, maybe not.

So many types of mask! In Singapore, I remember the first one to gain popularity was beauty diary from Taiwan and nowadays, the trend was for masks from South Korea, like from The Face Shop

My purchases for the day! 
Total damage: 1,615 baht.


645/17 , Phaya Thai Rd, Thanon Phetchaburi, 
Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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