Friday, March 04, 2022

Hokkaido Gyudon - Lunch Don Buri @ Sen of Japan in Marina Bay Sands [Singapore]

Even though I have not secured any free stays at Marina Bay Sands for the past few months, there didn't seem to be any reduction in my visits, although they were limited to the The Shoppes, the huge retail and dining wing of Marina Bay Sands.

This time round would be to Sen of Japan, which claimed to be a "modern Japanese restaurant and bar serving traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary touch". 

My friends are picky when it comes to Japanese cuisine; one was a Japanese Studies major, the other works in an office filled with Japanese fanatics and the last person has been to Japan countless times (correction: friend clarified it was only 8 times)! Reviews were pretty good on Google review; 4.4 from over 500 reviewers.

There was a lunch menu, available on weekdays (excluding public holidays) between 11.30am and 3.00pm. There were set lunch and lunch don buri; while lunch sets appeared more worth my money, there was one item on the lunch don buri that I couldn't resist!

Salad and Miso Soup - complimentary as part of the lunch don buri, they didn't throw any surprises. Salad was just vegetables with a zesty dressing whereas miso soup had a nice flavor that would have come from your typical Japanese restaurants.

Hokkaido Gyudon
- star, and main course for my meal. At S$38, this didn't come cheap but the beef was A4 wagyu; said to be the second-highest rated grade in Japan. 

This was actually my second bowl. No, I didn't have the capability (financial wise and stomach capacity wise) to eat two bowls. I found egg shells in my first bowl, before I dug in; so this was a replacement.

Popping the onsen egg! 
Such a bright orange! 

A good mix is essential when eating gyudon; and nothing beats having a picture of Japanese grains coated with yakiniku sauce and egg, and paired with onions and slices of beef, before putting the satisfying content into the mouth! 

With Hokkaido A4 wagyu that was thickly sliced, it was a given that every bite resulted in a spectacular burst of juiciness and tenderness, and you can imagine how delicious it was once you add in the irresistible flavours from the onions, the sauce, the sesame seeds.

Such yummy satisfaction! No doubt this would rank as one of the top few gyudons I had in my life. However, the price was a bit steep.... and I am of the opinion that when it comes to wagyu; the best way to enjoy it is still in the steak form. 


2 Bayfront Ave, #01-86, 
Singapore 018972

Hokkaido Gyudon - S$38.00
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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