Thursday, April 08, 2021

Discovery Slides Playground @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

It's hard to miss this colossal sculpture when you are at Canopy Park in Jewel Changi Airport, unless you are visually impaired. With its round, stumpy legs, I would have thought it's merely a display aimed to capture your attention and nothing else.

But don't be too quick to brush it away as it contains activities that would be fun for both kids and adults! This is the site for the Discovery Slides; as the name suggests, it's a playground! 

Terms of use and the most glaring one is the height restriction as I would have assumed some of the slides might be suitable for toddlers, which I guess wouldn't be the case here with a minimum height of 1.1 meters.

Let's climb up to check out the slides! 

Top was more like a slope that's about 18 by 16 meters. I wouldn't be surprised to find younger kids trying to roll down as part of the fun activity. Good to visit on a weekday when there's hardly any crowd.

A see through glass that looked down at a height of roughly 6.5 meters. Showing you both the upside and downside via the first and second photographs, respectively.

Personally, the peak of the discovery slides playground would be the best place in the entire Jewel to have a bird's eye view of the world's tallest indoor waterfall; HSBC Rain Vortex

Short, time-lapsed video for your viewing pleasure.

Finally going to talk about the slides! According to Google, there should be four slides in total although I didn't know about the piece of information when I was there and thought there were just three.

One was closed due to safe management measures as the sharing of gear wasn't allowed. 

Another was also not operational as they didn't have sufficient staff. I think it's a pretty lousy excuse; on one hand, the government is encouraging us to travel domestically yet on the other hand, the operator tried to cut down on expenditure while charging us the same ticket price as pre-COVID times.

Another closed activity which was presumed to be aligned with the risk of contamination given the difficulty in having to wipe down the ropes. Frankly, I think consumers are aware of the challenges but we should be kept informed of the "closures" before we make payment.

Taking the only operational slide; as expected it was fun but for an adult, it's fun yet not that unique! There's another slide which I would share in my posting for the canopy park at night. 

In case you are thinking of climbing up the "closed" slide us via the outlet on the ground level of the sculpture; do note that cushions were used to block the exit. Not exactly a deterrent for those bent on breaking the rules though.


78 Airport Boulevard, 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
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