Friday, February 19, 2021

Mirror Maze @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

Given the proximity of Mirror Maze and Hedge Maze from the ticketing counter for Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport, it's only a matter of deciding which maze you want to undertake first. For me, curiosity won. 

From the outside, the building housing the maze was small and simple; and it was intriguing for a person who has never physically explore a maze said to be filled with mirrors. They look interesting in the movies though. 

Standard rules and regulations; one thing to note, no re-entry. It's a one way in, another way out attraction; unlike the general canopy park which allows re-entry multiple times on the same day.

All visitors entering the mirror maze would be required to go through the safety briefing on the screen. Please be assured that it came in Chinese, English or Bahasa Indonesia. From this, you can roughly gauge the composition of tourists coming into Singapore, before COVID-19 hit the global travel sector.

This foam noodle is like the most important thing in the mirror maze; please protect it earnestly as your escape from the maze heavily depends on it. If adventure is what you are seeking, by all means return it to the service crew! 

The entry to the maze, and unveiling an entirely different world inside.

Two Alex in front of us! To be honest, it was disorienting and I can imagine the chaos should I be visiting the mirror maze as a teenager; it would likely be chasing my friends around the maze and crashing numerous times into the mirror panels! 

Top allowed natural light, partially shaded by a canopy of greenery whereas the bottom has strips of changing LED lights; which can confuse as you can't use the lights as a marker for directions.

Taking selfies! 

Usefulness of the foam noodles; to hit the path (lightly) in front of you to ensure it's a clear path. Trust me, seeing might be believing but in the mirror maze, the supposedly clear path in front of you might just be a mirror! 

Give you one visual example - there's only one foam noodle in the above photo; the rest were mere reflections! Hence, don't rush through the maze; take your time to navigate your way out of it.

Other pictures for your viewing pleasure! 
p.s. waste not the pictures.

Exit is found! Frankly, it didn't take us long to find the exit as the place was in reality not large in the first place; the reflections did make it appear a lot bigger though. All in one, we took less than 15 minutes to find the exit but chose to linger a bit more, thinking there's more to the maze.

Nothing much, honestly and for the normal pricing of S$15 per adult, I thought it's steep for such a short game-play. Anyway, beyond the curtains was a room with shimmering star-like LED lights above us; a contrast to what was before the curtains. 

Return your trusty foam noodle.

And given the current pandemic, it's always good to sanitize your hands!


78 Airport Blvd., 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
As above.


Pricing Menu
As above; second photo is for annual pass. 

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