Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Foggy Bowls in Canopy Park @ Jewel Changi Airport [Singapore] #jewelchangiairport

Foggy Bowls, housed within the Canopy Park at Jewel Changi Airport, has an intriguing name as it makes one wonder if the name was borrowed from fairy tales or Enid Blyton books.

Before checking out, here's a bunch of dos and dont's, and they are also available in Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia! Nowadays, it's quite the norm for big shopping malls to install touch-screen monitors and many are intuitive enough to even show details of the route leading to the destination you have in mind. 

Here's foggy bowls; the small, artificial lawn might appear unexciting. Put it simply; the four concave indentations on the lawn might conjure more excitement as it would likely make any unobservant guests trip and fall. I digress;  do give it a few more minutes for the interesting stuff to start its operation.

The puffs of fog emitting from the middle of each "bowl"! 

First look and any unsuspecting victim might thought of a mechanical malfunction and quickly jump out of way in case the "smoke" has the ability to burn one's skin or result in acute inhalant intoxication! 

Not for us though; we took the opportunity to confirm if our butt would get any cooler or it's big enough to stop the fog from coming out! That's quite similar to what kids love to do with the suction drains in swimming pools.

Whole place would eventually turn into a mystical place with fog surrounding the trees and us. When there are not many people at foggy bowls, like in our case; the environment felt extremely relaxing and comfortable.

Interestingly, the fog would hover a while before dispersing; an excuse for our dear Alex to showcase his signature pose. Anyway, the canopy park ticket allows re-entry for the entire day and if you have ample time, do drop by at night as fog makes the place even more magical without the sunlight! 


78 Airport Blvd., 
Singapore 819666

Map of Canopy Park
As above.


Pricing Menu
As above; second photo is for annual pass. 

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