Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shimbashi Soba - Warm Soup Noodle & Chilled Noodle @ Great World City Shopping Mall [Singapore]

Ever since i had my first slurp of soba (on my return flight back from Hokkaido), i have been craving for the next bite! The opportunity came when i was at Great World City recently and Shimbashi Soba restaurant caught my attention.

My lack of dining experience with soba means i know nuts about the buckwheat noodle; i had to rely on the menu for information on this "functional food" like its low-calorie count and its claim of anti-ageing benefits. 

Strict adherence to the 3 core principles ensure the freshness of Shimbashi Soba - the buckwheat seeds were milled daily, freshly made and freshly cooked. If you are particular about the original of the buckwheat seeds, they hailed from Tasmania and were grown pesticide free. 

Buckwheat - the more the merrier, especially when a hot cup of soba cha only cost S$0.30; in comparison, a glass of plain water can set me back by S$0.50 at some restaurants. 

Soba Cha - interestingly good; it was just like drinking roasted green tea and biting into bits of soggy rice crispies which were of course buckwheat seeds. I think my mom would love it! 

Shimbashi Combi Soba - since i couldn't decide whether to try the warm soup soba or go with the common chilled soba, i guess the combi soba with tempura would be the best choice for me. 

The vegetable and prawn tempura were not memorable and i attributed it to the tendons i have been facing in recent months (last of which was Akimitsu Tendon). Warm soup soba was similar to eating a bowl of plain ramen without the savouriness of meat; not my cup of tea. 

Chilled soba was still the best; refreshing and totally addictive! I had such a great time slurping my noodles after dipping them into the light sauce. They were gone in no time! Thankfully, Alex couldn't finish his portion and i happily helped myself to them.

Honestly, i couldn't fathom why i had such a strong prejudice against soba in the past. What have i been missing out all these years?!?! You know when's the best thing to eat soba? Summer and Singapore is literally summer all year round! 


1 Kim Seng Promenade,
Great World City, #B1-01,
Singapore 237994

Soba Cha - S$0.30
Shimbashi Combi Soba - S$20.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

Additional Information
The soba cha is available for package although i find the pricing of S$10.80 to be on the high side; in essence, i could have 36 cups of soba cha in the restaurant if it continues to be sold at S$0.30 each. 

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