Friday, November 10, 2017

Balinese Women Parade @ Tanah Lot in Bali [Indonesia]

For those who came in after searching for "Balinese Women" on Google, i would like to notify you that this is a "clean" site and you may want to exit if you are looking for the "otherwise".

Anyway, i was thankful to chance upon a festival where locals were dressed in their traditional Balinese attire and congregating at this parade square in the famous Tanah Lot temple.

It's a collective of bright colours, literally, when i was walking along the shopping streets!

Some had flowery headdresses although the one that caught my attention was the thick hair! How did they manage to groom and upkeep their hair so well?! Must ask them for the remedy as i am facing mid-life hair-thinning issue! 

Many young, pretty Balinese ladies.

The older ones have evolved to exude a domineering aura, befitting a matriarch that rules the family with an iron hand. Seriously, i almost got murdered by the killer stare from the two ladies in the photo. 

Other pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Despite the deep-set religious and traditional culture, modern conveniences are still the way to go even though i find it amazing that a lady wearing a full length skirt / sarong has no difficulty riding a bike. Respect! 


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