Saturday, November 04, 2017

Flaming Don (烤丼) - Signature Flaming Chicken Don @ Bugis + [Singapore]

You like grilled meat? I do and have no qualm having it every meal if not for the fact that it's expensive and not healthy for the body. 

Having said that, i do crave for grilled meat every now and then and when i couldn't quite decide what to have for lunch one afternoon at Bugis +, i decided to give flaming don on level five of the shopping mall a try.

It's indeed disturbing to see an almost empty restaurant at noon but i did realize in recent months that businesses at bugis, orchard road etc are facing a lull on Sundays. Anyway, i am prepared to review the food, for better or for worse. 

Ordering was via the self service kiosk where payment can be made at the same time without the need for a person to man it; the current trend has no doubt relieved the manpower stress for the dining establishments although at the same time, some might lament the lack of a human interaction. 

Note the queue number on your receipt.

Proceed to the soup and drink counter and keep in mind your queue number when it appears on the television screen. As with most self-service eateries, you have to collect your own food.

Top up S$1.99 to make your meal a set with free flow drinks and miso soup! Aside from tea, there is coca cola, sprite, fanta grape, minute maid and heaven and earth. Remember, you can take as many times as you want! 

Same counter for you to collect your cutlery, serviettes and choose from the five types of sauces. What are the sauces for? I have no idea as i didn't take any and the food i had wasn't bland to warrant extra sauces. 

Here's my food which includes my Signature Flaming Chicken Don, the chawanmushi and the chilled tofu with miso goma dressing. Jovyn and Jerald were with me and even though they had a late breakfast, i thought it's best to have extra, just in case.

Nothing to complain about the miso soup and well, drinks would be drinks and it's not as if the drinks were specially prepared. But to drink my fill, i gulped a few cups of minute maid orange juice! 

Chawanmushi was pretty decent and cost only S$2.90. I think i should really try to make this at home myself as i heard it wasn't difficult. 

Chilled tofu with miso goma dressing isn't something i will order usually although i can make an exception when i am with Jovyn, who is a tofu person. The dressing was too salty in my opinion.

Now on the signature flaming chicken don - visually, it wouldn't look out of place from a normal teriyaki chicken don. However, the perfect onsen egg would be the deal maker.

As you can see, once you mix up everything, the texture would be relatively wet due to the onsen egg and when coupled with the generous sauce (teriyaki i think), i do like what i had. It wasn't mind-blowing amazing but it's a comfortable meal with well-grilled chicken.

And you know what? 
The kids took a bite and decided to TAKE OVER my lunch! 

Being the kind uncle i am, i didn't have much choice but to order another bowl of chicken don for them! If i have known they were to need food, i would have opted for much cheaper hawker food! I am kind but stingy. 

Oh, do remember to return your used utensils and tray.


201 Victoria Street,
#05-02/03, Bugis +,
Singapore 188067

Operating Hours
Mondays to Thursdays - 12pm to 10pm
Fridays to Sundays - 12pm to 11pm


As above

Signature Flaming Chicken Don - S$9.90
Drink with Soup - S$1.99
Chawanmushi - S$2.90
Chilled Tofu with Miso Goma Dressing - S$4.90
(Subject to GST)

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