Monday, November 06, 2017

LeTAO Cheese Cake Lab along Sakaimachi Street - Double Fromage Cheesecake, Lab Lab Choux etc @ Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan] #LeTAO #Otaru

Before i embarked on my trip to Hokkaido, kindhearted friends had already highlighted things i should do and things i should eat; including the numerous desserts i could find along the main shopping street along Sakaimachi Street in Otaru

At my age, the major issue is that i am no longer able to eat as much as i could; hence, i didn't venture beyond the incredibly famous LeTao! Actually, i did attempt to check out Rokkatei but the store had literally sold out everything as it was close to the end of operation hours. 

Anyway, the desserts at LeTao were too pretty to ignore and i had a hard time contemplating what i should have! Priority was definitely the popularity number one double fromage cheesecake even though the season special, melon double fromage, looked extremely appetising too! 

Let's have a bit of something, including the store-limited lab lab choux! Advantage of travelling with a group - we had the stomach (and financial capability) to order more for sharing.

Lab Lab Choux - choux pastry shell with custard cream and cream cheese taking up the middle; i was expecting this to be better than beard papa and vanilla cream puff from Tampopo.

Sadly, the choux pastry was too hard for my liking and there was a stale aftertaste that simply didn't make the cut. Saving grace were the custard cream and cream cheese which were nice to enjoy on their own. 

Double Fromage Cheese Cake - this wasn't as cheesy as i thought it should be and in comparison to the same type of dessert we had at Furano Delice Honten; this paled in comparison! There wasn't the desirable richness even though to be fair, the one at Furano Delice Honten is the best cheesecake i ever had.

Melon Double Fromage - in a way similar to the double fromage cheese cake, this melon range was overbearingly sweet and ranked the least favourite among the six of us. Guess we all subconsciously toe the government line to reduce the sugar intake in our diet! 


6-13 Sakaimachi
Otaru City, Hokkaido,
047-0027, Japan

As above.

Lab Lab Choux - 300 yen
Double Fromage Cheese Cake - 410 yen
Melon Double Fromage - 410 yen
(inclusive of tax)

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