Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Second Airbnb in Otaru (AMS Suitengu) - Better But Still Not My Cup of Tea @ Hokkaido [Japan]

Following my virgin experience with Airbnb in Furano, I wasn't looking forward to my second Airbnb the next day at Otaru even though it was said to command a splendid view due to its vantage position.

The almost hilltop location means it's a long way from the main road and we can only thank our rented car for smoothing our journey to the Airbnb!

To be honest, it was a modern mansion-like building that greeted us; built in 2009, it has actually 4 floors with a total of 22 units.

Outdoor parking was available but for the Airbnb, we were only allowed one parking lot. As we had two cars shared among the six of us, we decided to play dumb, keep our fingers crossed and park both cars outside.

Coming back, entry was via a pin-code system with a super easy code that Chinese would be able to relate to. This code was given to us before our stay and as this was essentially a private residence, please do help to maintain the quietness and peacefulness of its environment; something I find hard to do.

The cold, dim corridor and we had to climb one floor up; don't remember seeing a lift. 

Our two-bedroom, air-conditioned apartment with a sofa bed in the living room that was already laid out for us. Compared to my first Airbnb, this was definitely more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye.

With bright white walls and industrial grey columns, this wasn't as homely as the Airbnb in Furano yet the kind that I wouldn't mind staying for a couple of days.

The two official bedrooms; we actually had to draw lots to decide who will sleep where and of course, the one disliked by all would be the hard and uncomfortable sofa bed.

Guess who got the sofa bed?! Whatever the case, we had the television in front of us if we decide to TV-binge the entire night. Did I share that there's a balcony?

View outside was good (you can even see some iconic buildings along the famous Sakaimachi Street) although I would prefer to stay indoors; the balcony had limited space to move around and rather dusty.

An old staircase leading to the hilltop! From this angle, I couldn't make out what's on top; maybe a park? The answer shall be revealed in another posting in the near future.

Vanity sink and washing machine within this space connecting the bathroom. The toilet (with the electronic bidet) was housed in another space nearer the entrance. It was quite hidden and for a moment, we thought this Airbnb has no toilet for its residents!

Japanese style bath-tub with bottles filled with fragrant shower gel and shampoo; towels were provided! I really enjoy soaking in such a bathtub as it reminded me of my childhood in the kampong where I would immerse myself in a large water-filled Chinese dragon pot.

Lovely kitchen equipped with the standard microwave oven, stove, electric kettle, iron, ironing board, plates, and cutleries! Using is one thing; in Airbnb, user initiative would be appreciated to clean up the place before leaving for a better review. Hm..... I like hotels.

Window at the kitchen overlooking the private carpark.

Notices in the residence. Glad that they were in English so we knew exactly what to do and the expectations levied on us by the homeowner. Frankly, it was a pleasant stay. However, I still didn't enjoy the Airbnb concept since overseas accommodation, to me, is just a place for me to sleep at night. I don't need a kitchen and Airbnb pricing wasn't incredibly attractive compared to staying in a hotel.

Beside the Airbnb concept that I didn't like as a whole, my only complaint has nothing to do with the unit. Rather, it's the building at night when the orange glow made it appeared so eerie!


AMS Suitengu,
Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

Location Map
Check out my google map here.

S$459 a night for 6 persons

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