Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Collin's Restaurant - Pretty Good Food for the Pricing @ Marina Square [Singapore]

It was past 7pm on a Sunday after a great karaoke session at Manekineko Marina Square and we were hauling a large (and heavy) gaming monitor to the taxi stand when we noticed a busy restaurant at an otherwise rather quiet section of the shopping mall.

As it's dinnertime and we figured it will be a late meal by the time we arrived at Yishun; we decided to join the queue at Collin's restaurant which, thankfully, wasn't that long!

Faced with a wide range of Western cuisine like includes steaks, pastas, burgers, pizzas, ribs etc, i am in a fix as there's no chef-recommended or must-try logo for me to rely on... The sign holder on my table shall help in the decision making process and the winner was squid ink seafood pasta!

Avocado Mango Shake - Like any good avocado juice, this was creamy and it wasn't generous with the sweet syrup which was good. Sadly, the mango taste dominated the beverage and it was a mango rather than avocado smoothie. Alex should have heeded my advice to order the more conventional avocado shake. 

Grilled Sea Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio - Alex's dinner and he was surprised to see a sizeable portion of pasta with 4 large tiger prawns.

I stole a bite and the grilled prawns were extremely fresh with solid, flavourful meat. Even the pasta soaked in the calabrese cream sauce was delectable; sure hoping i wouldn't regret my choice.

Squid Ink Pasta - first thing, it didn't look like squid ink as there's a grayish tinge that made it seemed as though a cement mixer had dumped its content onto the pasta!

Darn; i was so looking forward to having epic looking black stained teeth that i could have shared on Facebook and Instagram.

Nevertheless, the taste was not too bad although it was the dollop of fish roes that helped a great deal. The seafood (squid, prawns, scallops) were also not the dried, tasteless, rubbery type found in some restaurants.

Overall, i did enjoy my pasta even though i would throw my lot for Alex's Grilled Sea Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio if i have to choose between the two!


6 Raffles Boulevard,
#01-204/205/ Marina Square,
Singapore 039594

Website (including menu)

Avocado Mango Shake - S$5.90
Grilled Sea Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio - S$13.90
Squid Ink Pasta - S$15.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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