Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sea City Wanton Noodle (海城云吞面) - Ask for Extra Crispy Pork Lard @ Ghim Moh Hawker Centre [Singapore]

It's amazing how the body can crawl out of bed after being washed down by two glasses of martini, one glass of long island tea and another glass of midori sprite; but i did last Saturday morning and even managed to travel to Ghim Moh food centre for breakfast! 

Not that i have much of a choice since it's Jovyn's graduation performance and being a supportive uncle, my attendance would hopefully cheer her up. Before then however, i needed to fill up my tummy and my choice that day would be the wanton noodle from Sea City.

Even though it's my second visit to the same stall, it still strikes me as strange that there's no queue at the stall despite the hawker centre being immensely popular on weekend mornings. Oh well, it benefits the consumers and i am happy to get my tray of wanton noodles with soup so fast! 

Now, i was attracted to this stall because my colleague told me they served large pieces of crispy pork lard and those who know me would be aware i can eat them like potato chips! Not one to miss the chance to indulge in my favourite snack, i had to ask for extra pork lard. 

Al dente noodles that didn't have the akaline taste some people detest and my only grouch was that i should have asked for tomato instead of spicy as the latter was a bit too hot for me. Char siew was surprisingly tender and flavorful even though they appeared dry and not excessively fatty. 

Crispy pork lard would obviously be the star and it's mind-blowing to have at least one piece in every spoonful of noodles that fed my mouth! They were not the stale-tasting kind and retained the crunch that made eating them so satisfying! 

Look at the amount of meat in the wanton! 

Leaving the best for the last and it was a mouthful of epic satisfaction! By the way, how come no one has come out with crispy pork lard popcorn?

Cleaned up the bowl of noodles! 


Block 20, Ghim Moh Road, 
#01-43, Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre
Singapore 270020

As above

Wanton Noodle - S$3 a bowl

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